Have fun with the funny and playful Bo the Giraffe

Heppi was founded in 2002 by Esther Naalden. From the start her target audience has been children in the age of 0-6 years and she uses Bo the Giraffe, an adorable and playful little giraffe, and his friends as the main characters in her creations.

  • Bo's Jigsaw Puzzles




    "Bo's Jigsaw Puzzles" offers children great playtime with jigsaw puzzles of the adorable and playful Bo the Giraffe, his friends and the dolls Lulu and Tommie! ***** "The colorful pieces kept my son's attention and the ability to set the number of pieces allowed him to...

  • Bo's Matching Game




    “Bo's Matching Game” offers a great way of playing Memory for the young kids, but also for the older kids and the parents! **** ✔ Specially for toddlers is the Lulu and Tommie game that actively stimulates vocabulary, color and number recognition. ✔ Kids can learn the right pronunciation of...

  • Jop's Sinterklaas Puzzels




    Jop's Sinterklaas Puzzels heeft leuk nieuws want een andere Jop de Giraf App: Jop gaat eten is genomineerd voor de Media Ukkie Award 2013 voor Beste App! Neem een kijkje op: http://www.mediaukkies.nl/media-ukkie-award-2013 en stem voor 15 april op Jop gaat eten! Dan wordt Jop gaat eten...

  • Bo's School Day




    Bo’s School Day offers kids a fun and educational story-game that shows them in 10 scenes how a day at kindergarten or school could look like. Kids can also choose in the start screen for the separate puzzle option and just make jigsaw puzzles! With Bo’s School Day kids can help Bo the Giraffe:...

  • Bo's Dinnertime Story




    Bo's Dinnertime Story was nominee for the Dutch Media Preschooler Award 2013 for Best App! **** * "A delightful app that not only educates, Bo’s Dinnertime, also entertains." Best App for Kids * "It helps to get children more interested in real-life mealtimes by making a...

  • Bo's Bedtime Story




    Award winning App for Pre-schoolers! **** ✩ "Presented with charming graphics, a pleasant sound track and read with narration that is inviting, this app is perfect to explore while cuddled up on your child's bed. Bo is a great going-to-bed buddy." *USATODAY.com ✩ "I cannot...

  • Juf Jannie leert Jop tellen




    Juf Jannie gaat Jop de Giraf leren tellen! De makers van Juf Jannie Apps en Jop de Giraf Apps hebben de krachten gebundeld om een leuke en leerzame Tel App te maken voor peuters en kleuters! Juf Jannie leert Jop tellen biedt peuters en kleuters de mogelijkheid om op een leuke wijze te leren...