• Pro Interpreter-Translator




    professional Interpreter Multilingual professional translator - translation dictionary (in 40 countries) Point One. Voice mode, input mode support Two. Multi-language support Three. Clean design * Bring your personal information is not a good app. Supported languages: Italian, Bulgarian...

  • dogs barking sound effects




    dogs barking sound effects dogs sound effects! app for dogs! our dog will love. puppy sound effects Yorkshire Terrier, Chow Chow, Pekingese, Schnauzer, Pug, drilling, Poodle, Chihuahua ...

  • animal sound effects




    animal sound effects animal sound effects for children to learn the animal sounds for children. many animal sounds effects dog, cats, monkeys, goats, donkeys, elephants, bears, cheetahs, lion, etc

  • surprise fart




    surprise fart strongly joke! variety sounds of fart! use touch icon (default 3 seconds) counter set touch number of center

  • KNS Meeting




    This App contains the meeting program for the Korean Nuclear Society (KNS) Meeting, Republic of Korea. ---- 개발자 연락처 : 821035423765 대전 동구 용운동 삼정하이츠 1동 509호

  • Iphone resizing for developers




    Iphone resizing Iphone image resizing (for developers) App icon, Launcher image, Screenshots.... many many images! so I made it. auto resize! Icon support 29, 29x2, 40, 40x2, 60, 60x2, 76, 76x2 Launcher image 640x960, 640x1136, 640x1096, 1024x768 Screenshots Support iPhone 3 (3.5 Inch): 640...

  • animation neon signage




    animation neon signage if you want Effective advertising, use "animation neon sign". School events, support, notifications, public relations, advertising, marketing, sports, Olympic Games etc. available in a wide variety of personal billboard.

  • 명품이름 - 이름 감명




    본 감명 프로그램은, 육십갑자(띠), 선천생수, 필획, 곡획 만을 바탕으로 감명하는 프로그램이며, 작명 및 개명을 할 시 에는 기존의 음령(소리)오행, 수리오행, 자원오행을 추출한 후 곡획성명학으로 제 감명하기 때문에 다른 성명학에 비해 더욱 신뢰성을 더해줍니다.  키워드 : 사주궁합, 이름의 중요성, 이름풀이 ---- 개발자 연락처 : 821035423765 대전 동구 용운동 삼정하이츠 1동...

  • smart lantern - led flashlight




    smart flashlight Point A simple screen Flashing speed adjustment NO personal information * Convenient to use than other products. lantern, flashlight, lanterns, streamlight, outdoor lighting, led flashlight, flashlights, tactical flashlight, led flashlights, brightest led flashlight, lantern...

  • I am here: SMS My Location




    I am here: SMS My Location Send your current location Simple Design Ease use English language

  • Joy Study - Translation




    Joy Study - Translation English, Chinese, Japanese and many others Interpretation, Translation filter ADS Recommendation: Children learning languages Supported languages​​: Italian, Bulgarian Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Greek, German, French, Finnish, Estonian, English,...

  • all translator&Interpreter




    all translator&Interpreter - Features - Automatic translation Support in 40 countries Chat type Easy Search Arabic(العربية), Bulgarian(български), Catalan(català), Chinese(中国的), Czech(čeština), Danish(Dansk), Dutch(Nederlands), English(English), Estonian(eesti), Persian(فارسی),...

  • all global flags




    all global flags We have collected more than 250 flags of the world. Try to cheer their country smartphones.

  • smart sit-ups(abs workout)




    smart sit-ups(abs workout) voice recognition, diet, health, exercise point - voice support of numbers of sit-ups - voice support in over 30 countries - stopwatch function Keywords - health, beauty, diet, muscle, abs workout, male, fitness, essential apps, diet, health, sports, body, sit up,...

  • Shocking surprise camera




    Shocking surprise camera Cheat your friends. This application is not a camera function. Yo camera thought hew was startled. Does not bring any personal information. Caution - One. Smartphones may fall, so please use the padded area. Two. Pregnant women and the elderly, those who are using...

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