• Blank Map Drawer

    Blank Map Drawer




    This is a tool for drawing blank map to notes etc. Draw a blank map trace the line will be displayed on the camera preview map of the phone. Note: To draw an accurate map can not be due to camera shake. Please use as an auxiliary tool only. If you want to draw a more accurate map, please use a...

  • ぱすめも



    シンプルなパスワード管理アプリです。 任意のサイトのID/パスワード等を保存できます。 保存されたデータはマスタパスワードを入力しないと見えないようになります。 データはすべて暗号化するのでスマートフォンをなくしても、さらにrootをとられても大丈夫。 広告もナシ、権限もナシで安心して使えます。 [※注意] マスタパスワードは不可逆な方式での暗号化を行っているため、マスタパスワードを忘れるとデータの復元はできません。...

  • Shake & Dial Launcher

    Shake & Dial Launcher




    It is a launcher app to launch phone to shake. Not return to the home screen while starting other apps, you can start another application. Since the app icon on the dial spinning, easy to operate with one hand! To help locate the desired application, so the application is divided into nine...

  • Counter





    It is a simple counter. I counted up when you touch the screen.

  • Non Smoking Assistant

    Non Smoking Assistant




    It is very difficult for a smoker to non smoking suddenly. Why not start with your save smoking? This app is an app that supports your moderation in smoking/non smoking. It's show that as the amount of money to save the situation moderation in smoking-non smoking. Even if you can not stand...

  • Speed Mental Calculation

    Speed Mental Calculation




    This app is "flash anzan" so-called. After the countdown, random number will be displayed by pressing the "Start" button. Please enter the anser to the sum of those numbers. You can change the screen set-up, the number of digits, display seconds, question count of randome...

  • Aphorism collection

    Aphorism collection




    This app is display the aphorism of the greats of the world. (Japanese only.) We will display a random aphorism at the touch of a button to launch the app. Aphorism I like is also possible to read any later if you want to check. You can forward the email app, etc. If you touch the text that...

  • ざっくり時計





    ホームスクリーンに常駐する時計ウィジェットです。 ただし、正確な時刻を知るためのものではありません。 「9時過ぎ」、「10時20分くらい」や、十二支による時間表現の「丑の刻2つ」等、ざっくりとした時刻を表示します。 時間表現のタイプは4種類から選択できます。(下記参照) フォントは3種類から選択できます。 時間なんてざっくりわかればいいんじゃない? ※本アプリはランチャーからの起動はできません。ホームスクリーンにて本アプリのウィジェットを配置してご利用ください。 ☆時間表現タイプ [ざっくり] 9時過ぎ/9時40分くらい 等 [超ざっくり] 9時前半/後半 等...

  • Count down

    Count down




    This application is counts down remaining time seconds for the specified event. (In the widget will display the number of days remaining only.) Please register the event in the menu button on the top or terminal from the list screen. It is also possible to capture data that are registered in the...

  • 遅刻の言い訳β





    ランダムに遅刻の言い訳を検索するジョークアプリです。 会社に、学校に、待ち合わせに遅刻したとき、ワンタッチでランダムに遅刻の言い訳を出すことができます。 さらに表示された言い訳を他アプリ(メールなど)に張り付けることも可能です。 ※現在言い訳は60件程度。...

  • Simple Memo

    Simple Memo




    This is a simple notepad. There are no special features. Add a note of the terminal menu button> in the [Add] from the top screen. Title will only appear on the screen list to each note and a title. If you omit the note title text will be displayed in the list. ※ We who let me put a public...

  • Fixed Form Sentence

    Fixed Form Sentence




    This is insert fixed form sentence app. Supports calls from the mushroom Simeji. You can also choose where to paste the call even when alone. Supports input E-mail, Twitter, etc. Canned after registration, call from mushroom> Select Category> select sentence or call from launcher>...

  • Received Calls Deleter

    Received Calls Deleter




    The message history from the telephone number set beforehand is deleted one-touch. Please set the deleted telephone number from top [menu button] > [settings] > [Add from phone book] or [Add from received calls] or [Add manual] input. Let's delete the telephone call history to be...

  • StopWatch





    It is a simple stopwatch / timer. A banner is not displayed in the pay version. (I am same as functionally)The person who does not become the banner indication mind recommends a free version of this place. [Operation] Please watch menu > How To Use

  • StopWatchPro





    It is a simple stopwatch / timer. The difference with the free version does not have a banner. (The function is the totally same)Even if it is displayed a banner, the person who does not become going recommends a free version.

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