Hilary Cheng

  • Jellybean Chinese Input Method




    This is a version of "Another Cangjie Input Method". It has been upgraded to use Jellybean AOSP code and together with Cangjie3/Cangjie5/Quick/Stroke/Dayi/Cantonese. ** PLEASE EMAIL TO YOU IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, OTHERWISE, I CAN'T ANSWER FROM PLAYSTORE ** There is no...

  • Japan Time Zone




    This is a simple free application for switching to Japan Time Zone for both Guilty Dragon and Puzzle & Dragons games and it is safe enough when it doesn't require any harmful permission. (e.g. Network Access, Phone Access) 1.4 APK http://www.sendspace.com/file/tv29gd 1.5.1 is 1.4 APK...

  • Another Cangjie Input Method




    This is a Cangjie / Quick (倉頡 3 / 速成 輸入法) Chinese Input Method which is compatible with Android 4.2 New Swype Keyboard. Now you can toggle the English Keyboard by Press "英". Also, it doesn't required any special permission (Except Vibrator Permission). It should be safe enough. **...

  • HKPlants Viewer


    方便在Android上閱讀Discuss Forum的軟件, 現在針對 HKPlants 這個論壇作為第一個開發對象, 往後會加入可以能設置功能, 令專業用家加入自己的喜歡的論壇.

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