• 대선공약비교



    2012년 12월 제18대 대통령 선거 대선 후보자 대선후보의 이미지 대선공약, 공약비교, 정책이슈 비교, 지지율 변화 대선후보 여론조사 대선예측 대선캠프 대선특집 대통령의 자질 국민이 원하는 대통령 국가발전공약 역대 대선공약 역대 대통령 미래의 한국, 북한, 동북아, 세계 South Korean Presidential Election 2012 선거일: 2012년 12월 19일(수), 법정공휴일 선거권: 선거일 현재 만 19세 이상의 국민 취임 후 임기: 5년(2013.2.25 ~ 2018.2.24) 인터넷...

  • Nature Panorama with Sounds

    Nature Panorama with Sounds




    Nature Sounds with Panorama Images! Touch Beautiful Panorama Images to Zoom In/Out, Left/Right & Up/Down. Enjoy 360 Panoramic Images with beautiful relaxing nature sounds!






    Word Scrambler Easy See the scrambled word and guess the right word! This is good for your mental exercise. Use your brain and increase the functionality.

  • 3D Stereo Videos

    3D Stereo Videos




    Anaglyph 3D Stereo Videos You may enjoy amazing 3D stereo videos with a pair of red-cyan glasses! Videos includes world resorts, scenic places, various sports activities, dancing, festivals, gardens, etc. Be patient! Loading each video file may take a time due to its big size.

  • Nature Sound n Video

    Nature Sound n Video


    Enjoy beautiful nature sounds and videos! You man enjoy Many beautiful Nature Sounds with relaxing Video images from surroundings (raining, water waves, flowers, water falls, trees, light reflextions...). These are good for your mental stability and relaxation.

  • MixNJoy Nature Sound

    MixNJoy Nature Sound


    You can mix many beautiful nature sounds and ebjoy the mixed sounds. You can select sounds from 6 classes of naturally occurring sounds. 1) Places, 2) Weather, 3) Animals, 4) Birds, 5) Insects & 6) Human voices. Each catergoy has many different sounds. Try this app and relax to release your...

  • 3D Stereo Images Anaglyph

    3D Stereo Images Anaglyph




    3D Anaglyph Images See the beautiful photos with red-cyan 3D glasses! Use your red-cyan glasses to see following images in 14 categories. Categories include Animal, Architecture, Car, Department store, Flower, Foods, Garden, Interior, Jewelry, K-Pop, Sculpture, Sports, Travel & Water parks

  • Skin Care Quizzes

    Skin Care Quizzes




    Skin Care Quizzes to test your understandings on: Beautiful skin, skin, antiaging, acne treatment, tips for skin care, skin treatment, facial skin care, dry skin, oily skin, skin care routine, anti-aging, baby skin care, secrets to beautifu skin, beta-hydroxy acids, retinol, skin remedy, alpha...

  • Brain Food Books

    Brain Food Books




    Brain development, human emotion and behavior are closely dependent on good nutritions in various brain foods. Smarter brain needs good Brain Foods! Collections of Brain Food Books from AMAZON are introduced.

  • Online Apps Creators

    Online Apps Creators




    Online Android Apps Creators & builders for your successful mobile business.

  • Apps Search Engines

    Apps Search Engines




    Many Android Apps Search Engines in one place. AMAZON guide to android apps marketing & development

  • Mobile APPs Maker

    Mobile APPs Maker




    iPhone & Android Application Softwares, APPs maker, APPs builder, Apps creator

  • Gift Park Resort

    Gift Park Resort


    Guide to Gifts, Holiday Entertainment, Parks & Resorts etc.

  • Brain Lecture

    Brain Lecture




    Brain lecture, Brain facts, How brain works, Brain structure and function.

  • Internet Business Knowhow

    Internet Business Knowhow




    Knowhows & success tips for Internet Business.

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