HMH Technology Labs

  • API Demos




    This is the API Demos app from the Google gingerbread SDK package. This Demos all of the features and permissions of the Android OS. This is based on an app written by Google. All unmodified code belongs to them.

  • CNote


    CNote is an easy to use, simple Note-Taking application. It features all standard Android text editing functionality including: Voice Typing and Auto-correct/Spell-check. CNote Also allows you to see and copy your note even when you are not editing it, so you don't accidentally change it....

  • QuickNotes




    Ever forgotten something important? With QuickNotes That won't happen again! You can type what you need to remember and it will be there when you come back. Jot down a phone number, grocery list, or quick note and it'll be there later. QuickNotes is designed to hold your information even...

  • The Dots




    A fun and challenging game to test your hand-eye coordination. Your Objective: Don't let the dots touch the other side. Press the corresponding buttons to send them back to the beginning. If you reach 300 pings on the counter the game is over. You may experience some lagging on older...

  • Quick Utilities




    Quick Utilities provides Five (and counting) essential Utilities in the Palm of your hands; Including a Password Saver, a TO-DO list, and a fast and easy to Use Browser. The Quick Utilities Password saver uses one of the safest systems to keep your passwords safe and Secure! Quick Utilities is...

  • Quick Shopping List




    Make Your trip to the store faster with Quick Shopping List. The sleek and easy to use interface helps you spend less time on your Shopping List and less time Shopping. Quick Shopping List Creates an Organized list that makes sure you stay on track when you;re at the store. Press the MENU button...

  • The Dots for Tablets




    A fun and challenging game to test your hand-eye coordination. The objective is to send dots back to the beginning of the page before they reach the end. THIS VERSION WILL SOON BE REMOVED PLEASE USE THE REGULAR VERSION. Check out my website: Keywords: reflex, tester,...

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