Hodson's Software, LLC

  • Altimiter & Barometer Monitor




    This application is an Altimeter and Barometer Monitor designed for the Samsung Galaxy S III, S IV, Galaxy Notes, and Galaxy Nexus series phones. The altimeter displays the current weather, the sea level barometer reading, the pressure sensor reading, the pressure altitude, and the change in...

  • Away Message for Text Messages




    *** This App may not function if your operating system is above Ice Cream Sandwich *** *** It is remaining in place to support customers still running older versions of the Android Operating System *** My daughter wanted a good text messaging ‘away’ app for her new phone. After looking around,...

  • Days Until, Days Since Widget




    How long has it been? When will it be? Find out with the Days 'til, Days Since Widget. The Days ‘til, Days Since widget calculates the number of days since or until today. The widget displays a title, the date entered, the number of years, months, weeks, and days, and the total number of...

  • Nutrition Explorer




    Are you on a special diet? Just want to eat healthy? Want to know how much potassium is in a banana without reading 10 books? Answer these questions and more with your Android phone. Nutrition Explorer's database has 583,957 nutrition elements associated with 7,906 food items. Generate a...

  • Days 'til, Days Since




    If you know the date, you can calculate! How many days since you were born? How many days 'til your next vacation? When's the court date for that undeserved speeding ticket? How many days until the world ends in 2012? Days 'til, Days Since will tell you. Features: - Years range is...

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