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Dragon Flame FREE

Make your dragon fly in Flame Dragon!!! Flame Dragon is a fully animated game featuring 2 different game modes! Story Mode : You and your unhatched dragon egg are the last remaining Flame Dragons. But, the evil Flame Wizard and his minions have stolen your egg! Along the way you will battle against undead skeletons, stone throwing gargoyles, force…

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Download Arena Clash - Best Free FPS 3D Arena Clash - Best Free FPS 3D icon
Arena Clash - Best Free FPS 3D

Arena Clash is a new breed of mobile FPS games that will send you into an ancient arena to clash with different types of monsters! Go to war with an angry dragon, a stampeding T-Rex, a horde of flesh eating zombies, or enter the mayhem arena... and fight all of them at once! Arena Clash is the best free 3D fps game on Android! Featuring controls s…

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Download Zombie Zero FREE Zombie Zero FREE icon
Zombie Zero FREE

The zombies are coming and there is no way out in this fully animated shooter... Zombie Zero! You are the last member of your squad, code named Zombie Zero, and it is your duty to take out as many zombies as you can before they catch you! No one is coming to save you... the military planes are destroying what is left of the city with their bombs…

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Download Dinosaur Hunter Rampage FPS Dinosaur Hunter Rampage FPS icon
Dinosaur Hunter Rampage FPS

You are stranded on an island of Dinosaurs, and you need to survive! Dinosaur Hunter Rampage FPS is a first person shooter ( FPS ) for Android that will test your survival gun skills against a never ending pack of hungry meat eating dinosaurs! There is a single T-Rex stalking around the island among a hoard of angry ankylosaurus dinos that aim to w…

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Download Jungle Runner FREE Jungle Runner FREE icon
Jungle Runner FREE

Avoid the dangers of the jungle as your soar through the treetops in Jungle Runner! You are a parrot and are trying to escape the hungry lions and pesky monkeys that are trying to catch you. See how far you can fly! The game is very simple to play and features one touch controls to make for an easy, but fun game. Touch and hold the screen to fly u…

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Download Duck Hunting Ninja FREE Duck Hunting Ninja FREE icon
Duck Hunting Ninja FREE

It is time for the dynasty of the duck to end and time to let the dynasty of the ninja begin! Your finger is your sword and it is time to swipe and slice some ducks! The game is simple. All you have to do is be quick and slice a duck with your finger to make it explode in fire and doom! But you need to be quick! You only have 60 seconds to display…

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Download EpicQuest offline rpg games 3d EpicQuest offline rpg games 3d icon
EpicQuest offline rpg games 3d

You are a treasure hunter searching for four magical gems inside an abandoned graveyard. In the center of the map you will find four pedestals. Each of the missing gems match one of the pedestals shape and color. Return each of the four gems to the matching pedestal to complete your quest. Every time you return all four gems to the pedestals, the r…

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Download Pirates of the Muy Bien Free Pirates of the Muy Bien Free icon
Pirates of the Muy Bien Free

A pirate from the Carribean is trying to reach Mexico ! Avoid hungry sharks, whales, ghost monsters, and more! Shoot down pooping seagulls and bats with your cannon as you travel across the ocean in search of Mexico! Press the left side of the screen to jump with your ship. Press the right side of the screen to fire your cannon at flying creatures…

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Download Draw Battles FREE Draw Battles FREE icon
Draw Battles FREE

Draw something awesome then go to battle with monsters, ghosts, and other creatures! You are only limited by your imagination! Draw a fire dragon or a cute puppy or anything else as you take on the Boogeyman, Aliens, an evil Vampire, and many other challenges! Don't go to battle with only your chalk though! You can summon the power of fire, l…

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Download Duck Crossing FREE Duck Crossing FREE icon
Duck Crossing FREE

The mama duck and her baby ducklings are trying to cross the street to get to the rest of their family, but crossing the street is tough! Cars are zooming by on the street and the baby duckies must be fast! The game is simple. Touch anywhere on screen to move the mother duck left or right. Touch any of the three ducks at the bottom of the screen t…

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