Hollow Rock Entertainment

  • Dinosaur Hunter Rampage FPS

    Dinosaur Hunter Rampage FPS




    You are stranded on an island of Dinosaurs, and you need to survive! Dinosaur Hunter Rampage FPS is a first person shooter ( FPS ) for Android that will test your survival gun skills against a never ending pack of hungry meat eating dinosaurs! There is a single T-Rex stalking around the island...

  • Dinosaur Rampage Runner

    Dinosaur Rampage Runner




    The dinosaurs are stampeding in Dinosaur Rampage Runner! You are a mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex caught in a canyon with stampeding herds of triceratops, stegosaurus, and ankylosaurus! You need to dodge and avoid all of the incoming dinos or you will get run over! The further you run, the higher your...

  • Car Clash

    Car Clash




    Get ready to smash and crash your car in Car Clash! Try to avoid smashing your car into oncoming drivers as they attempt to dive out of your way. The longer you survive, the higher your score goes. Once your car takes too much damage you will explode into a fiery doom and it will be game over!...

  • Jewel Clash

    Jewel Clash




    Clash 3 jewels together as fast as you can in this match three game that is a race against the clock! The game is simple. You begin with 60 seconds and time immediately begins counting down. Swap the positions of the jewel blocks in order to create matching rows of threes , fours , or fives. If...

  • Goat Runner Infinite

    Goat Runner Infinite




    Goat Runner Infinite is an infinite runner starring a goat! The game is simple... Run as far as you can to try and beat your own high score. You can also compete against all other players around the world by trying to become the top ranked player in the in-game leaderboard! Access the leaderboard...

  • Bird Fly

    Bird Fly




    Soar through the skies in Bird Fly! Race through the floating sun rings to grab as many magical sparkles as you can before time runs out! Featuring full tilt controls to make your bird fly realistically. The game is simple. You begin the game with 60 seconds. The goal is to fly through the sun...

  • Zombie City Rampage FPS

    Zombie City Rampage FPS




    The zombie undead have destroyed the city in Zombie City Rampage FPS! Zombie City Rampage is a first person shooter ( FPS ) for Android that will test your undead slaying gun skills in a battle against the zombies found throughout this island of terror! Featuring controls specifically designed...

  • Arena Clash

    Arena Clash




    Arena Clash is a new breed of mobile FPS games that will send you into an ancient arena to clash with different types of monsters! Go to war with an angry dragon, a stampeding T-Rex, a horde of flesh eating zombies, or enter the mayhem arena... and fight all of them at once! Featuring controls...

  • Goat City Rampage FPS

    Goat City Rampage FPS




    The goats have taken over the city in Goat City Rampage FPS! Goat City Rampage is a first person shooter ( FPS ) for Android that will test your sharpshooting gun skills against a horde of wild and angry goats! Featuring controls specifically designed for mobile devices and beautiful goats in...

  • Dead Moon Saga : Episode 1

    Dead Moon Saga : Episode 1




    This is the first episode in the newly released Dead Moon Saga series. A first person shooter ( FPS ) game that takes place following the zombie outbreak on earth that forced a planetary evacuation as mankind began to take refuge on the moon. But all is not well on the moon, as you will soon find...

  • Ridiculous Ping Pong

    Ridiculous Ping Pong




    Ridiculous Ping Pong is the most ridiculous ping pong game ever! Balls are exploding right off the table in one and two player action! Every time a ball hits the paddle get ready for the boom as beautiful 3D graphics will explode off your screen. You will have to be quick because this ball is...

  • Jungle Runner FREE

    Jungle Runner FREE




    Avoid the dangers of the jungle as your soar through the treetops in Jungle Runner! You are a parrot and are trying to escape the hungry lions and pesky monkeys that are trying to catch you. See how far you can fly! The game is very simple to play and features one touch controls to make for an...

  • Duck Hunting Extreme FREE

    Duck Hunting Extreme FREE




    Nature has called and it is time to hunt some ducks in Duck Hunting Extreme! But you are not going to just be shooting ducks... you are going to be blowing them up! The game is simple. You have 1 minute to makes as many birds explode in a fiery boom as possible. All you have to do is be quick...

  • Space Bullet 3D FREE

    Space Bullet 3D FREE




    Space Bullet 3D is an intergalactic space shooter that will test your timing and precision as you navigate through a bullet filled battleground in space! Powered by the powerful Unity 3D engine, Space Bullet 3D features a beautiful space environment in which you will go to battle in the midst of...

  • Dragon Flame FREE

    Dragon Flame FREE




    Make your dragon fly in Flame Dragon!!! Flame Dragon is a fully animated game featuring 2 different game modes! Story Mode : You and your unhatched dragon egg are the last remaining Flame Dragons. But, the evil Flame Wizard and his minions have stolen your egg! Along the way you will battle...

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