Hooda Math

  • Hooda Hinges

    Hooda Hinges




    A tangram-type puzzle game that requires you to arrange a set of pieces to form a specified shape. This won't be an easy task considering that the pieces are connected to each other by hinges. A piece that is slightly darker than the other pieces is fixed to its position.

  • Hooda Math Defense

    Hooda Math Defense




    Tower Math Classic Defense Style Games. This game is incredible and impressive in the amount of fraction, decimal, and percent concepts it integrates and teaches students

  • Ice Cream Truck

    Ice Cream Truck




    Manage your own Ice Cream Truck and move to new cities. A long time favorite on HoodaMath.com now available for the Android. Travel to 4 different cities selling ice-cream to the kiddies and learning math at the same time.

  • Fraction Circles

    Fraction Circles




    A great tool to work with any fraction lesson.

  • Math Flash Cards

    Math Flash Cards




    Math Flash Cards from HoodaMath.com . These math flashcards are based on simple arithmetic flashcards. 1-digit addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems. Choose between 10 or 25 math flash cards at a time. Simply click anywhere on the screen to view the answer to the problem....

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