• The Robber Language - Free




    Want to become a robber? Now you can with this new Robber Language app! Just type what you want to translate and let the application do the rest. Read, copy or do something else with the output, the choice is yours. :D

  • Word Reverser - Free




    Reverse words and sentences, or some crap. This application does it all. :D Just type what you want reversed, the app takes care of the rest. Copy the output, read it, or do something else with it, the choice is yours!

  • Abbreviationer - Free




    Ever wanted to be the inventor of the next "slang word"? This app eases that process by giving you the abillity to write the sentence(s) or words you want, then automatically abbreviate them for you, with no button clicks involved! Maybe you will invent the next "yolo"?

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