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    Tarot of Marseille Lite




    Read your predictions directly in your phone

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    Read your horoscope daily and find out your monthly predictions

  • Natal Charts




    ★ To go further and higher ★ The Natal Chart application allows you to discover the astrological chart corresponding to your birth. Do you know your actual ascendant? What planets are your rulers, those which define your strengths and weaknesses, your qualities and your flaws? What are the...

  • Daily Horoscope




    ★ Discover everyday for free your daily horoscope with an exclusive content, written by professional astrologers! ★ Ephemeris, calculations, star charts which are used to follow planetary movements on a daily basis, analyse the influence of stars in your life and deliver your horoscope, with as...

  • Love Oracle




    Looking for caring words of advice on how to enjoy a delightful sentimental life? The Love oracle is made for you! The Love Oracle is a deck of 32 cards allowing you to find the answers to your sentimental questions. Each of the 32 cards will reveal a message of love, of hope, or words of...

  • Psychic




    Happiness is EASY! Get immediate and insightful answers to all of life’s questions with the use of Numerology and The Tarot of Marseille, when you download Psychic App! Our user friendly app makes it easy to chat, from anywhere around the world 24 hours a day 7 days a week! Holding the keys to...

  • Tarot of Marseilles: Love




    Tarot of Marseilles: Love will answer the questions you are asking yourself about your relationship or your sentimental future! Whether you opt for the crossed reading using five cards or the small reading using three cards, it will guide you towards a lovely encounter if you are single and...

  • Belline Oracle




    Named after Belline, the psychic who discovered it in the middle of the XXth century, the Oracle was originally designed by Mage Edmond, a XIXth century clairvoyant. Halfway between tarology and astrology, Belline Oracle is made up of a multitude of extremely striking and symbolic images. Each...

  • Rune Readings




    ★ Anticipate your future and delve into the mysteries of the Scandinavian culture with the runes! ★ An old Anglo-Saxon alphabet, the runes are now famous for their enigmatic symbols and surprising divinatory powers. How could you explore the secrets of the Norse God through the esoteric messages...

  • Tarot des Rêves




    Ce Tarot des Rêves vous invite à un très beau voyage : une visite envoûtante des contrées mystérieuses de votre univers onirique ! Au programme : la découverte du sens caché des rêves ! Il vous permettra de mieux les comprendre, mais il répondra aussi à vos interrogations sans détour !...

  • Tarot de la Réussite




    Le Tarot de la Réussite répondra à toutes vos interrogations pour vous conduire vers le succès ! Ce tirage est un allié précieux pour comprendre où se situent vos réussites, pour surmonter les obstacles et les hésitations. Il n'y a plus un instant à perdre, si vous voulez connaître vos...

  • Egyptian Tarot




    Anticipate your future and delve into the mysteries of ancient Egypt! Discover the predictions of the Egyptian Tarot! Its antique esoteric symbolic, its divinatory power and the clarity of its predictions make it such an extraordinary Tarot! How to penetrate the secret of the divinatory world...

  • Tarot of Marseille




    With Tarot of Marseille, control your future! You have access to four drawing methods to learn everything in a few finger pressures: you are holding the tarot cards of your future... People often look to the Tarot of Marseille just like when they look to the sky, with the simple purpose of...

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