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Ping Ping Ball (Lite)

Free Version Introduction This game is simple to play. It has been designed with creativity and it gives you lots of excitement, especially suitable for people of all ages. The game gives you satisfaction both in the sense of seeing and touching. ‘Easy to handle’ is the feature of this fascinating game. Just hold the device firmly and move your ha…

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Seven Ball - Free edition

Free edition - 30 tokens This is a consumption of casual games, such games are popular in the console market.Its characteristics in addition to simple, easy play, but also will enable players to enjoy the fun of winning. Gameplay: use your finger to touch the top of the screen red touch the area, can have a ball on the finger position, the ball w…

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Flip Mute

Flip your own phone that change to mute mode, it's very easy to use.

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Swisscorr HK eMagazine

This book mainly introduced the origin of Swiss Apple Stem Cell and what is the function of stem cell? How the miracle of its function in skincare? Why the use of the new technology of stem cell product could help the anti-aging properties of skin? Dr Fred Zulli - founder & inventor of Apple Stem Cell, where its Uttwiler Spatlauber Apple Stem…

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Escape Now Beta

This is a Very easy game made by antoine, this is in beta version. Enjoy The Game. Thank You For Reading The Full Description. Please Leave Your Comments About The Game. Have A Good Time.

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