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AFractal is "Fractal Data Creation Program" for Android OS and a subset of "JFractal" that is a java program for PC. It has several features as following list. - Creating fractal pictures(data) - Creating fractal sounds - Showing fractals in 3D - Creating cellular automata picture(1D, 2D) - Showing maps overlaid with a fractal…

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GOLWMS for Android

This program is a "Conway's Game of Life" with midi synthesizer. "GOLWMS" means "Game Of Life With Midi Synthesizer". It has 15 midi channels for 128 instruments and 1 midi channel for 61 percussions. There is also "GOLWMS for PC (http://shighe.com/golwms/?en)".

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A3D is a program to convert any picture into a 3D object. It's not a program to show 3D image. It's create a 3D object with calculating the height of a point from each pixel color. In some cases boring or strange object will be created, but sometimes interesting object will be created. When you convert a picture of a person, you can n…

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