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HSA Studios

  • Fookies Breaker

    Fookies Breaker




    Let's experience a stylish brick breaking game and with a great physics for 20 level. This game will entertain all kids and your family. The game play and level up, will make you passionate and addictive to play again. How to play : * Touch the paddle to release the Ball. * Beware of using...

  • Tattoo Designer

    Tattoo Designer




    This application enables to choose tattoos of different styles and can be superimposed on any parts of the body, chosen from the default package, gallery or from camera capture. Gesture control such as zooming,rotating allows you to place a tattoo as per your perfect choice! The color adjustor...

  • 101 Recipes North Indian Foods

    101 Recipes North Indian Foods


    This application is for those who loves North Indian Cooking. This covers 101 rich food varieties,moreover it also provides quantitative amount of spices required as well as the easiest and quicker method of preparation. Features: 1) 101 splendid food recipes. 2) Delicious soup items. 3)...

  • 101 Recipes Indian Foods

    101 Recipes Indian Foods


    Indian Recipes displays famous delicious recipes of India. All recipes contains ingredients as well as the directions for easiest preparation of tastiest edibles. The best Indian dishes are a clever blend of exotic spices and delicate herbs with vegetables. Features: 1) 101 delectable...

  • 101 Recipes South Indian Foods

    101 Recipes South Indian Foods


    This application literally covers 101 tastiest food varieties of southern India. The recipes gives you all the detailed, step-by-step instructions which helps you to master South Indian Cooking. Discover food that has a light touch, with a great depth of flavor and aroma. Features: 1) 101...

  • Angry Dooby

    Angry Dooby




    Angry Dooby is an exciting and captivating game, which uniquely differs from other arcade & action games, where one can enjoy with zest. The Game is all about creating charming doobies among the Angry Doobies. Angry Doobies are so hot so be aware of it. Its a game for all age groups. The game...

  • Bridal Mehndi Designs

    Bridal Mehndi Designs




    Mehndi became a part of Bridal makeup. Now-a-days people prefer to decorate their hands and feet with elegant henna on any auspicious day especially wedding. It also plays a vital role for people of Traditional Lifestyle. This application encloses numerous alluring bridal mehndi designs and also...

  • Bewilder





    This is an delightful informative brain and puzzle game which fascinates our mind and helps in improving our knowledge quest. This puzzle game guides you in search of 101 flowers, rare animals and world famous scientists. Playing this brain teaser game will enlighten your memory skills. If you...

  • Madurai City Guide

    Madurai City Guide


    This Handy City Guide provides you with the most useful information about South Indian City, Madurai. Madurai City Guide provides you amusing and valuable information about temples and its specialities. Additionally Photo Gallery provides information and realistic view of places in and around...

  • Mehandi





    A delightful and colorful collections of more than 50 latest henna designs and tattoos. During special occasions, people prefer this type of mehndi to be decorated in their hands and feet and moreover this is a part of bridal makeup. The important guidelines, which helps you to get the best color...

  • Bewilder Flowers

    Bewilder Flowers




    This Globally recognized Brain & puzzle game is all about entertainment and Learning. Aim of this puzzle game is to arrange the shuffled slide in its correct position. you can analyse your concentration based on the level completion with minimal moves. Minimum usage of hint determines your...

  • Bewilder Scientist

    Bewilder Scientist


    This is an enchanting game where it gives ample game strategy to strike the answer with minimum moves. It tests your Intelligent Quotient and one can really enrich their thirst of knowledge by playing this game. The game projects a scientist's image where the player has to find who he is? You...

  • Bewilder Animals

    Bewilder Animals




    If you have not experience any mind testing game then witness this game for appreciation from global clients. You are liable to undergo apt mind teaser in finding out unique animals. This game guides and plots you in searching out 101 rare and distinct animals. It will cinch test your mind...

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