• Maths Frenzy




    Test your math skill with Maths Frenzy You have a few seconds to answer yes or no to simple math question In the easy mode you have 3 seconds to answer. In the hard mode you have 1 second. Game objective -Reach the highest score possible. -Challenge you friends to a simple maths contest :)....

  • VibroBzz




    A simple vibration app with different vibrating options. Can be used as a simple massager :) Use one of the preset option or slider to control the vibration. Vibration time can also be set so that it will stop if you forget to turn it off Vibration intensity will depend on phone. Please do...

  • RockPaperScissors




    This is a simple classic game of Rock Paper Scissors. Rock-paper-scissors is a hand game played by two people. This game can be used as a selection method in a way similar to coin flipping or throwing dice I hope you enjoy playing this game :) Please report any bug. Rock blunts or breaks...

  • Rock Paper Scissors VS




    This is a 2 player version of the classic game of Rock Paper Scissors. Why not challenge your friend to a game of rock paper scissors (the loser buys the beer :) ) It's very simple to play Rules: - choose your hand - let your friend choose his hand - Press on reveal to see who has won...

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