HydroloGIS S.r.l.

  • Geopaparazzi





    Geopaparazzi is a tool developed to do fast qualitative technical and scientific surveys. Its strength is its direct connection to the BeeGIS GIS, that can be used to further process the collected data. Even if the main aim is in the field of surveying, it contains tools that can be of great use...

  • Trackoid





    Trackoid is a mobile application which can be used for realtime fleet and rescue teams coordination. Trackoid alone is useless. So download this app only if you have the whole Trackoid client-server application available to connect to. More information at: http://www.trackoid.eu

  • Gasdroide





    Gasdroide - Natural Gas Emission Flux Measurements on Android Platform https://bitbucket.org/moovida/gasdroide

  • HyUML





    This is a really small project that fills in the need I had for an application that would work with the yUml project. There were other applications around but none seemed to have the requirements I needed: * to have an editor and uml view aside of each other * be able to easily load and save...

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