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Bomber Friends

Get Bomber Friends now and join the immensely hectic and fun online multiplayer game! Bomb your friends and be the last to survive to win the match! Collect powerups to get more powerful bombs! Use the explosive bombs to blast your friends from across the map! And don't worry if you get blasted, then the fun has just begun! Dead bombers can ha…

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Download Stunt Car Challenge Stunt Car Challenge icon
Stunt Car Challenge

Perform amazing stunts with a stunt car! Drive on tracks with jumps and obstacles! Do a corkscrew stunt, make flips to get achievement coins! Start playing the fun tracks right now, and challenge yourself to get three stars from all levels! Complete the Arizona levels, to open up San Francisco levels! Beware of the trolley cars in San Francisco t…

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Download Air Hockey Speed Air Hockey Speed icon
Air Hockey Speed

The legendary Air Hockey Speed is now available in Android! Great graphics, smooth gameplay, and plenty of AI opponents will keep you playing for a long time. You can also challenge your friend in a 2 player mode on the same device!

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Download Slice Ice! Slice Ice! icon
Slice Ice!

The penguin king needs ice for his drink! You must get it for him! Slice pieces from ice floes to get more ice, but don't slice the playful penguin babies! Keep all the penguins on the same ice floe and try to use as few slices as possible. Also beware of angry leopard seals! Features: - 165 Levels in eleven different worlds of slicing fun! -…

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Download Ultimate Combat Fighting Ultimate Combat Fighting icon
Ultimate Combat Fighting

Prepare yourself for the Ultimate Combat Fighting challenge! Fight your way to become a black belt martial arts master! Learn all the moves and beat your opponents in this intensive action fighting game. Whether your style is karate, kungfu, tae kwon do, or boxing, just swipe your moves and start throwing some kicks and punches! Learn the moves to…

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Download Stunt Car Challenge 3 Stunt Car Challenge 3 icon
Stunt Car Challenge 3

Win the challenges in stunt tracks with your awesome stunt car! Drive on tracks with jumps, loops and obstacles! Race against a train! Beat the cop cars in San Francisco! Try the new racing levels against the opponent car! Start playing the fun tracks right now, and challenge yourself to get three stars from all levels! Complete the Arizona levels…

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Download Bubbles Classic Bubbles Classic icon
Bubbles Classic

It's classic bubbles busting and bubble shooter game + an addictive arcade mode! Let's start breaking bubbles! Make combinations of 3 or more bubbles to make them break out and fall. Play the beautiful classic mode or challenge yourself in the addictive arcade mode! Can you break the bubbles in arcade mode before the descending stone trap g…

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Download Stunt Car Challenge 2 Stunt Car Challenge 2 icon
Stunt Car Challenge 2

Do amazing stunts with a cool stunt car! Features: *Destructible muscle cars! *Loads of fun and challenging tracks with jumps and obstacles! *Upgrade your car to perform even better! *Earn coins by doing flips in the air! *Cool slow-motion jump! *Fires and destructible tires! Stunt Car Challenge 2 is the best stunt car game available, with upgrada…

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Download Zombie Smasher! Zombie Smasher! icon
Zombie Smasher!

Wave of zombies are trying to break through your village! What are you going to do about it?! What every good citizen would have done: Cut them, shoot them, blow them , smash them against each other and throw them on bricks wall until they’ll know that eating brain is WRONG. Defend your town against waves of zombies, gain points and spend them to…

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Download Worm Jump Worm Jump icon
Worm Jump

Jump, jump, jump to higher on the leafs of jungle! Little little wormy is lost in the jungle! Help him find a way out of the scrubs! Jump your way up up up, but beware, it's really dangerous to fall down! Use the leaves to jump up and eat the delicious berries to jump even higher! Start the journey now! The best game of the Doodle Jump, Abduct…

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