Hyun-Soo Han

  • Fashionista-Glasses




    Put your glasses to see in advance the application More than 100 glasses of his previous photographs, or take a new picture for style glasses can be found.

  • Face Symmetry (얼굴 대칭)




    The beautiful woman means perfect symmetry of her face The more left side and right side of the face are perfect, the more she's able to become beautiful Now, Check your beauty take a photo without leaning your face to make accuracy high If the photo is somewhat on the lean, you will enjoy a...

  • Comic Viewer




    All cartoons are in my hands~~! It's the viwer which can see cartoons made of images and ZIP files Images and compressed files(ZIP) support High speed Images expansion, downscale, movement Images auto division function For more information, see the developer webpages at the bottom.

  • Magic Wand




    It's the Magic wand such as sailor moon or other amimations. In korea, in TV program gag concert male security committee corner, when Mr. Park(Sung-ho Park) is angey and excited, Mr. Hwang(Hyun-hee Hwang) shakes his magic wand and calm him down. They gave us lots of fun. ^^ * How to use 1....

  • Delivery Search (택배 조회)




    This application is Korea Delivery Search app.

  • Light Saber (like starwars)




    It's App that u can enjoy as if u use the light saber of Star wars. Make you feel nostalgia. Seems fairly simple application, but I mentioned above with the nostalgia of Star Wars Also! Lightsaber drawn and swinging sound to other people to feel the ... It is quite addicting. ^ ^; * How to...

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