• LED板


    在手機上使用LED板,隨時可以自行點亮文字、圖形。 讓您在接機、演唱會、愛的告白等,通通搞定。不用攜帶插板,不用購買LED元件。 方便好攜帶。

  • 螢光棒


    將手機螢幕變成螢光棒,不論是演唱會、晚會或是朋友聚會、KTV都可以增加氣氛。 更重要的是可以重複使用,省去一般螢光棒事後處裡的麻煩。 使用方式: 選擇模式,分為單色、多色順序、隨機變色 點擊外圈選擇顏色,選取之顏色依序呈現於內圈 點擊確認後執行...

  • ClickG


    With yours eye and the finger, challenge your response。

  • FightKSC


    Came from plays a finger guessing game the game in the ancient times, is different in present's playing a finger guessing game, was one kind of athletics. Centralized spiritual attack opposite party, with by the straight line scissors, the curve stone, the cloth which defends. Strikes...

  • 跑馬燈





  • KuKuKid



  • 簡易記帳本





  • 現在幾點



  • MarqueeII


    This is one Marquee second generation, increased the check effect, may use between the concert or the friend uses

  • My Photo


    Is only the photography is a little senseless?The dot picture frame lets the photograph not be bored!

  • Marquee


    This is marquee you may at concert's time uses, perhaps uses in the crowd, lets the distant place the human may see Taiwan news reports, a boy used this app successfully save the plight of a girl from the sexual harassment.

  • WhatTimeIsIt


    You may use this game to teach how the child does look at the clock and Also has the ratio number size. When the child is noisy you can use this.Perhaps he can peaceful. Certainly you may also play this game.When you is really bored.

  • 100MATH


    100MATH a training mathematical addition ability of a game Which there are several different levels to choose You can also try to understand their own mathematical abilities addition can give the children play If you like our game, and also you can give us more support Thank you to download and play

  • SDD_Shot Gantry


    One of the New Year in Taiwan will play the game SDD shot the gantry to use two and does not contain joker poker, this game suitable to play together with the people. How to play: First, each player must throw basic points as a public fund, alternately in order to see a license, you can choose to...

  • EasyAccount


    EasyAccount is easy to use.you can try it. This arrives at the primitive original aim which is one account book use simply appears by operation of a easy type and the easiest method

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