• Magic animals live wallpaper

    Magic animals live wallpaper




    Magic animals live wallpapers contains animated animals made by magic brush. You could set up several live drawings at once and they will appear at row on your screen. Additional configurable feature is multibrush. It allows to add real magic to drawings by paralleling of lines and control...

  • Умное слово на каждый день

    Умное слово на каждый день




    Виджет для рабочего стола “Умное слово на каждый день” - это образовательный отрывной календарь в вашем телефоне. Расширяйте словарный запас и общую эрудированность, интеллект и память, изучая по новому слову каждый день. Присылайте свои слова и помогайте нам нести интересные знания в массы....

  • ЖКХФон



    Приложение автоматизирует процесс взаимоействия между жителями многоквартирного дома и управляющей компаний. В приложении можно создать свою заявку (жалобу), просматривать существующие заявки и их текущее состояние, отслеживать выполнение работ заявкам. Теперь подать заявку очень просто:...

  • Silk paints drawing

    Silk paints drawing




    *** Best App in first part of 2014 in Samsung App store *** Let's imagine that you found magic brush to draw with something more than just simple paint. It will help you to create amazing figures by simple gestures. Several lines will expose your fantasy into image on screen of your phone or...

  • Silk paints - Galaxy Note

    Silk paints - Galaxy Note




    We are glad to introduce special version of Silk Paints application - magic tool for drawing and live wallpapers creation on your phone or tablet. Special edition is created for Samsung Galaxy Note (including Note 3) series devices only. ATTENTION: * application will work on all devices, but...

  • DrupalCamp Minsk 2014

    DrupalCamp Minsk 2014




    07-08 июня в Минске пройдет конференция DrupalCamp. Приглашаем всех неравнодушных к Drupal людей потратить два дня на общение на около-Drupal'ные темы. Первый день (7 июня, суббота) будет посвящен докладам, разбитым на два потока под кодовыми названиями "Tech" и...

  • DrupalCamp Donetsk 2014

    DrupalCamp Donetsk 2014


    The conference DrupalCamp is taking place in Donetsk on April 25-27, 2014. DrupalCamp is an app which can help you to get a necessary information about the event. You can: - check the program of event - find a summary of the reports - see the list of speakers - contact the organizers - check the...

  • Instagram photo Live wallpaper

    Instagram photo Live wallpaper




    Turn your favorite photos from Instagram account into slideshow on home screen. Features: Pick photos from your Instagram account (recent 50 items, daily updates) or custom directory on phone. Set preferred slideshow background from predefined amazing textures set or custom color. Set layout...

  • Galaxy camera slideshow

    Galaxy camera slideshow




    Turn your favorite photos set into slideshow on home screen. Features: Pick photos from any directory on your camera. Set preferred slideshow background from predefined amazing textures set or custom color. Set layout template for slides - simple grid, several composed frames. Basic photo...

  • Stalingrad Live wallpaper

    Stalingrad Live wallpaper




    Live wallpaper dedicated to the heroic city of Stalingrad. It was the largest land battle during the World War II. The battle lasted from 17 July 1942 to 2 February 1943. In application you will see most popular military equipment - aircraft, tanks in different locations. Features: - Different...

  • TRON Live Wallpaper

    TRON Live Wallpaper




    Live wallpaper, inspired by light cycles (lightbikes) game from TRON movie, will add specific style to your device's background. Watch amazing neon-colored cyber cycles riding inside the grid (cyber-arena). Red, yellow and blue cycles leave fading out neon path in motion. Great present for...

  • Ерундопель





    Игра и одновременно образовательный отрывной календарь на каждый день, созданный по мотивам популярной игры в редкие слова — "Ерундопель". Расширяйте словарный запас и общую эрудированность, интеллект и память, изучая по новому слову каждый день. Удивляйте своих друзей необычными...

  • DrupalCamp CIS 2013

    DrupalCamp CIS 2013




    From 24 to 25th of August 2013 in Moscow will take place a conference DrupalCamp CIS - the main event of the year for drupallers CIS countries. DrupalCamp - an application that will help you get the information you need about the event. You will can: - see the event program - find a summary of...

  • Falling Love 3D Live Wallpaper

    Falling Love 3D Live Wallpaper




    Beautiful live wallpaper for lovers. Falling hearts with 3D(parallax) effect on screen switching. Parallax effect is best for live wallpapers - not annoying, and provide especial filling of depth on swipe gestures. Love has own weather - it could be quiet, impassioned or like a storm. All those...

  • Magic fairies Live Wallpaper

    Magic fairies Live Wallpaper




    Live wallpaper inspired by magic WINX fairies. Watch different shining fairies characters flying in the magic world and leaving magic dust trail. Each fairy has own color and name. Features: - allowed to customize fairies characters on screen; - custom dust trail length; - configurable flight...

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