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  • Currency Rates / Bitcoin Rates

    Currency Rates / Bitcoin Rates




    World Currency / Bitcoin / Exchange Rates. * 166 currencies in the world with the latest market data, * Updated hourly, near real-time / Live Data market * Cross Currency Rates, * Quick Currency Converter, * Rates are automatically saved, * Offline access to stored data, * Ability to select the...

  • Sayısal Loto

    Sayısal Loto




    Sayısal Loto, Süper Loto, Şans Topu, On Numara kupon makinesi ve sonuçları. Sayisal Loto 6/49, Sans Topu, On Numara, Super Loto 6/54, Şans Topu, Sayısal Loto Kupon Makinesi, Sayısal Loto, Şans Topu, On Numara ve Süper Loto Kupon Makinesi, Turkish Lottery Random Number Generator, lottary

  • Vigilo.TV




    FREE is a TV application. You can watch over 500 TV channels from all over the world online and free. You don't need to install any other application or plugin to watch TV channels.

  • I am here

    I am here




    Share your place with your friends. Send your current location.

  • Simple Radio

    Simple Radio




    Listen to Online Radio Channels on the Internet FREE German Radio Channels, French Radio Channels, English Radio Channels DMCA Notice: This application does not own or host any content. We do not provide streaming content ourselves. All stream links are found in the Internet. This application...

  • City Guide

    City Guide


    Free city guide with the restaurants, attractions, hotels, accounting, airport, amusement park, aquarium, art gallery, atm, bakery, bank, bar, beauty salon, bicycle store, book store, bowling alley, bus station, cafe, campground, car dealer, car rental, car repair, car wash, casino, cemetery,...

  • Gazeteler



    Türkiye'deki tüm gazete ve haber sitelerinin haberlerini tek bir uygulama ile ulaşabilirsiniz.

  • Video Search

    Video Search




    Video Search and Play. This application searches videos on VK (VKontakte, ВКонтакте) site. You need to have VK account to use application.

  • Newspapers





    Newspapers DMCA Notice: This application does not own or host any content. We do not provide content ourselves. All news links are found in the Internet. This application is a guide to newspapers available on the web, helping users to easily find and access their favorite newspapers that...

  • Kazakhsha-Russian Dictionary

    Kazakhsha-Russian Dictionary




    Kazakhsha Online Dictionary. Kazakh Language - Russian / Russian - Kazakh Language Dictionary. You can search from Kazakh Language to Russian and Russian to Kazakh Language.

  • Dog Whistle

    Dog Whistle




    A dog whistle (also known as silent whistle or Galton's whistle) is a type of whistle used in the training of dogs and cats. Dog whistles in this application are within the range of 8000 Hz to 60000 Hz. + Frequency selection settings. + Customisable whistle title + Customisable whistle icons

  • EBC-Euro FX Rates

    EBC-Euro FX Rates




    The European Central Bank - Euro foreign exchange reference rates. Daily Euro reference exchange rates published by The European Central Bank (EBC).

  • Currency Rates of Kazakhstan

    Currency Rates of Kazakhstan




    Daily Currency Reference Rates of National Bank of Kazakhstan

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