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  • Farmaci & Piante: Interazioni

    Farmaci & Piante: Interazioni




    Molto spesso vengono assunti fitoterapici insieme a farmaci. Anche le sostanze naturali possono però interagire con i farmaci, ed è quindi importante chiedere un consiglio al proprio medico. Qui troverai qualche esempio di tali interazioni. Enjoy!

  • Slap Your Friend!

    Slap Your Friend!


    This is a funny game! Here you can take a picture of a friend, and slap his face! You should be have few seconds to make your 'slaps' record!

  • Cellulite,Hypertension&Sodium



    Cellulite and Hypertension are related to Sodium assumption (but also to other many factors). Here you have a list of food containing Sodium and its amount. Anyway contact your doctor.

  • Squared on Squared

    Squared on Squared




    Hit the squared with the moving squared! Hit them between the other shapes! Be fast! You have few seconds to reach the score to overcome levels! Enjoy!

  • Who Said Quiz!

    Who Said Quiz!




    This a selection of the best quotes! Try to guess the authors of them! Enjoy!

  • Slap Him!

    Slap Him!




    Slap that face as fast as you can! Make your record!

  • Water Closet

    Water Closet


    If you want to flush your friends in a W.C ... use this app! Take pictures of them, push the flush button and... Enjoy!

  • Happy b-day

    Happy b-day




    Auguri Amore

  • Matryoshka



    Matryoshka is the famous russian doll! If you played with that when you were young, enjoy the virtual one!

  • Luck Symbols

    Luck Symbols


    Download the luck symbols from many cultures to bring always with you!

  • Lactose in Food

    Lactose in Food




    This app allows you to know the lactose content in food. It might be useful for people with lactose intollerance and for who care about his diet. Remember that lactose is present in fruits, vegetables, snacks, meet, eggs further then in milk and chesees. Here you find a lot of information! Enjoy!

  • My Blackboard

    My Blackboard




    Draw on the blackboard! Take pictures and draw on them! Enjoy!

  • Caffeine Assumption

    Caffeine Assumption




    Do you drink a lot of coffee? Do you eat or drink food and drinks containing caffeine?! Don't exceed the raccomanded daily limit! This app help you to check your daily caffeine assumption!

  • Give Me Five!

    Give Me Five!




    Give Me Five..All right!

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