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  • Hartanah Metro

    Hartanah Metro


    This app for real estate agent

  • DatoIrAziz



    This is a personal native app for Dato' Ir Abdul Aziz Abdullah. In this app, users can find out more about him.

  • D'Arab Cafe

    D'Arab Cafe




    Welcome to the official mobile application for D'Arab Cafe Malaysia. With our apps, you will information about our menu, locations and make boooking through the apps. We hope you will enjoy our apps and please don't forget to leave your review too.

  • Arjuna Village

    Arjuna Village




    This the official Android Application for Arjuna Village,the franchisor for ' Arjuna Village' brand - ' A traditional Malay Cuisine '

  • EntreprenuerCultureInc



    This is the official mobile application for Entrepreneur Culture Inc. Sdn Bhd (ECI) . ECI is committed to create a network of entrepreneur of vsrious experience, expertise and industrial background. One of the main activities ECI has is Entrepreneur Companion. Our motto is ' Cultivating A...

  • fashion portfolios

    fashion portfolios


    This is a sample apps for fashion portfolios app. Can be used to demonstrate portfolios for photographers, models etc.

  • fauzholdings



    This is the official company app for Fauz Holdings Sdn Bhd. The company is involved in maintenance and servicing of equipments in power plants and the power industry in general. Among the services provided include corrosion protection of pipelines and mechanical equipments, water filtration...

  • Dato' Kamaluddin

    Dato' Kamaluddin




    This is a personal native app for Dato' Hj. Kamaluddin Saidon,JP. In this app, users can find out more about him.

  • JPAR



    Official mobile application for Jurutera Perunding A & R Sdn Bhd (JPAR) . A boutique Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) Engineering Consultancy firm based in Malaysia. JPAR offers wide range of M & E services ranging from development of projects, implementation and post implementation...

  • Ambulance Services

    Ambulance Services


    This app for you to call an emergency hotline,ambulance reserve and many more

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