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  • Nielsen Product Pics

    Nielsen Product Pics




    For Registered Users: Nielsen Product Pics allows users to send Product images direct to Nielsen. Upon scanning the product’s barcode, the application will confirm whether images are required. If so, the app will enable users to take and upload photos direct to Nielsen. Before taking photos,...

  • CodeIcare





    CodeIcare is a mobile barcode reader able to read GS1 standard barcodes with your device, as if you were in a shop. CodeIcare barcode reads the barcode on any product, whatever it is, wherever you are, because CodeIcare is fully based on GS1 barcode standards. Simply take any product in your...

  • SmartID Pay - IS Scanner

    SmartID Pay - IS Scanner




    Smart ID Pay makes your online payments easier. You don't have to type manually this so loooonnnng reference number any more! You can now read in a snap all the informations (ref number, account, amount). Once all your inpayment slips are scanned you just need a simple email to retrive them...

  • GS1 CodeOnLine

    GS1 CodeOnLine




    CodeOnLine is a mobile barcode reader able to read GS1 standard barcode with your mobile, as if you were in a shop. CodeOnLine is fully based on GS1 barcode international standards. How to use it? open CodeOnLine application, aim at the barcode with the red target on your phone screen and let it...

  • Mister Scan - Chasse au trésor

    Mister Scan - Chasse au trésor


    L’application permet de participer au jeu concours « Find me if you scan » (Trouve-moi si tu scannes) organisé du 6 au 23 décembre. Pour participer, suis les indices diffusés par Mister Scan sur son compte twitter (@Mister_Scan) et pars à la chasse aux produits mystères en magasin. Pour savoir...

  • iSierre





    Find all practical and useful information about the town of Sierre! The application will allow you: - Not to miss any event and carry out a research about them ("10 next events" , "This week-end" , "10 next days" or our "Top Events")! You will also be also...

  • Let's scan

    Let's scan




    This application allows to scan product barcodes, complete information like price or quantity and send these to a remote database. This application is intended to be used by registered users only.

  • LecteurDeCode





    "Lecteur de code" is a barcode reader which tells you anything you want to know about a product Open the application, tap the home screen and aim the small square code (2D datamatrix) you see close to picture of the product on your catalogue, or scan straight the product you want to...

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