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  • Swiss Charity

    Swiss Charity




    « Stronger together ! » A click, a donation, a good deed! • Support the causes and projects of the organizations, associations, and NGOs close to your heart with a single click. • Sebastien Buemi, Formula 1 pilot and ambassador of Swiss Charity, gave his full confidence in this young,...

  • 5.0
    My Horoscope Pro

    My Horoscope Pro




    Read your horoscope in a more personalized way

  • Flashlight LED Genius PRO

    Flashlight LED Genius PRO




    EXCLUSIVE! No need to unlock the screen to get your Torch App, just let the light be in one go! Just shake your phone from the unlock screen to activate the LED flash light. This Torch App is incredibly simple, useful and practical. Features: - Lighting via LED flash - Lighting with the screen...

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