• Halloween Bubble Shooter

    Halloween Bubble Shooter




    ** Halloween Monsters Bubble Shooter version for Android ** The Monsters are coming. It is up to you establish our defense line! A shooter style game with great graphics and gameplay. If you like it, please, leave a review on Google Play. If you find any bug on this first version, please,...

  • iBoliche





    Jogo de Boliche para o iPad Este é um dos poucos jogos de boliche da AppStore. A maioria são fotos ou apps para registrar os pontos. O jogo apresenta 4 modelos de cenário e 4 modelos de bola para o usuário escolher. Depois é só jogar! Bons pontos!

  • Freecell Cards

    Freecell Cards




    The Freecell game is one of the most addicting card games on computers. Now it is available also on your mobile device. FreeCell is a solitaire-based card game played with a 52-card standard deck. It is fundamentally different from most solitaire games in that nearly all deals can be solved....

  • Magbaden World - Fly Android

    Magbaden World - Fly Android




    This game is the story of a young boy (Cédric) and his girlfriend Eve. They went to visit his grandfather on the family's farm and discovered in the attic of the main house a magic mirror that acts as a portal to another dimension: Magbaden. By tapping into the magic mirror, Cedric and his...

  • iSolitaire



    If you played the Windows Solitaire, you will love to know that it is now available on your iPad. And better: now with the ability to control card movements naturally by just swiping or tapping the cards on your device. Instructions on the game.

  • CreepyWalk



    Creepy Walk is a cartoon style game for Kids and the entire family. You must walk on a graveyard and pick up the good items and avoid ghosts, black cats, etc. Tilt the iPhone or iPod to walk on the direction you want. Have a good game!

  • iAlice in Wonderland

    iAlice in Wonderland




    iAlice in Wonderland is game for the entire family. You must run cross the Wonderland, and touch your friends, but avoid the enemies. Have a good game!

  • CrazyRace





    CrazyRace is a game for the entire family. You must run as long as you can. Avoid hitting the obstacles and get the money.

  • LittleDemon



    Little demon is a nice little demon that loves play "tile break". You have two modes: - finger movement (default) - accelerometer To change the mode, go to the options menu. You can also adjust the sound volume. have a nice game!

  • eSpiderSolitaire





    This is the best Spider Solitaire for Android! Don't miss it! It is FREE!!!

  • Super Bubble Shooter

    Super Bubble Shooter




    Your goal is to match groups of three or more same-coloured bubbles to clear the playing field. Aim with your finger, shoot, and get the colors to match! Bubble Types: a) Dynamit bubble - destroy a horizontal line of bubbles b) Bomb bubble - destroy the bubbles that are around c) Lights...

  • Fido - The Frog

    Fido - The Frog




    **** HD Version **** The arcade game FROG is back. You must avoid the cars and crocs. The goal is cross the street and the river alive... :) Have a good game!

  • Ice Hockey 4 Two

    Ice Hockey 4 Two




    This is a game to be played by two players on an iPod or iPhone. Each one on your side at the same time using multitouch capabilities of the device. An excellent game to play with your kids and friends!

  • miniMonsters Attack free

    miniMonsters Attack free




    The mini monsters are attacking our planet is up to you save earth!! You must destroy the mini monsters, but be careful to not attack the death, or you will be dead. Good game! COPYRIGHT INFO: Music of Game Menu: Ghost Processional ISRC: US-UAN-11-00219 Somber, Unnerving, Eerie,...

  • Intersection Control

    Intersection Control




    You must control the cars on a busy intersection! INSTRUCTIONS: a) Touch or touch and drag to stop or speed the vehicles. b) Don't let the vehicles crash on each other. Have a good game. KEYWORDS: control,traffic,transit,intersection,car,motorcycle,truck,vehicles,rush,hour,

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