IDEAL Group, Inc. Android Development Team

  • IDEAL Ask Eindroid II

    IDEAL Ask Eindroid II




    IDEAL Ask Eindroid II is the next generation Ask Eindroid application, first released on December 27, 2009 by Apps4Android, Inc. IDEAL Ask Eindroid II is a speech-driven application, based on Evi knowledge...

  • IDEAL Talking Tags

    IDEAL Talking Tags




    IDEAL Talking Tags is a talking label maker/reader application, designed in support of accommodating the access needs of individuals who are blind. IDEAL Talking Tags is based on Apps4Android's Near Field Communication (NFC) Tec-Tiles. For more information please see:...

  • Better Voices For Cupcake

    Better Voices For Cupcake




    Do you wish the Text-To-Speech on your Android phone sounded better and less robotic? We have repackaged the newer, better sounding female Donut voices so they will work on your Cupcake phone. This will make all of your talking applications sound better in English (US & UK), Italian,...

  • IDEAL Magnifier

    IDEAL Magnifier




    Please read the "Recent Changes" section below. Turn your Android device into a portable video magnifier. Comes with color filter options for gray scale, invert colors, etc. Image is real time - no lag! Vol +/- for zoom in/out Search button for LED light Menu to bring up the color...

  • Best Voices (SVOX Sampler)

    Best Voices (SVOX Sampler)




    In 2009, IDEAL Apps4Android ported six better TTS voices (US English, UK English, Italian, German, French, and Spanish) to run on the first release of Android (Cupcake). Apps4Android named their suite of voices, "Better Voices for Cupcake®." Now, there are even better voices available...

  • IDEAL Item Identifier

    IDEAL Item Identifier




    IDEAL Item Identifier is a barcode-reading app that enables Android users to take a picture of standard UPC and QR codes. Reads the product description if a UPC is scanned; reads the embedded string if it is a QR code. See webpage for instructions. Icon: Tha Phlash Free & open source in...

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