• Hi Duck




    It’s a shooting game developed for the touch screen mobile phone. Players play as hunters shooting ducks. Players can shoot ducks by touching screen when ducks appeared on the screen. The key is to get scores as high as possible in the prescribed time. There're many hidden props in the game....

  • Fantastic Bead




    Long long ago,there was an evil sun-bird.It made many "Evil Beads".Marine organisms will die if these beads drop into sea.Fortunately,god opened a door in the sky and gave human a "Fantastic Bead".Human can use "Fantastic Bead" to knock "Evil Beads" into...

  • BonbonKnock




    It’s a music rhythm game developed for touch screen mobile phone. This game has gorgeous picture and rich music. In the future, We will add community elements in order to offer better interaction for players. BonbonKnock used traditional music games theme and funny background. Players touch the...

  • War on The Grass




    It’s a 2D shooting game. Players control the butterfly by gravity sensor to pass various barriers and reach enemy's lair. tags: 2D,2D game,shooting,shooting game,gravity sensor game,butterfly,barrier

  • FlyHouse




    The early 17th century.In a Europe town there's a legend going about that... A building for god is on the cloud.The one ,who lives in it,will be carefree and long-lived. It's a hot-air balloon era.Many people try to use hot-air balloon to find the building. tags: Europe,Europe town,17th...

  • Magic Cube




    There's a mystery tribe lived in big forest.They use magnet to guide them out the forest.But one day,a huge meteorite dropped in forest and changed magnetic field. Magnet became useless. Tribe people decided to leave forest.So they chose several people to search a way. How to play: Turn cube...

  • Bomb Eggs




    One day,henhouse appeared a hole.Clever mother chicken think it must be mouse hole.The mouse must want to stole eggs.In order to fill the hole,mother left home to look for branch.Before left,she told brother egg that he must prevent little eggs dropping into hole. tags: game,action,bomb,bomb eggs

  • Chinatown Inn




    It’s a business game. Player is the boss of inn. You offer drinks and food to costumers to get score. If you get enough score, you can upgrade your inn. Better decoration will attract more customers. tags: business, business game,chinatown,inn,Simulation,Simulation Game,customer,decoration

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