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Download Network/Bluetooth GPS Network/Bluetooth GPS icon
Network/Bluetooth GPS

*** DOES NOT WORK WITH Nexus 1 RUNNING GINGERBREAD DUE TO GPS ERROR: *** SolidSync Network/Bluetooth GPS turns your Android-powered mobile phone into a Bluetooth GPS receiver using the Android GPS and Bluetooth systems. It creates a Bluetooth serial port and then sends GPS NMEA data to any c…

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Hidden WiFi Connect

Hidden WiFi Connect makes it easy to connect your Kindle Fire tablet, Google TV or Android phone or tablet to hidden WiFi networks (that do not transmit their WiFi network name or SSID). Finally, you can connect to WiFi networks with hidden network names (SSIDs) from your Kindle Fire, Google TV or Android phone/tablet. See all the configured networ…

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Download SimpleEye Live Pulse Oximeter SimpleEye Live Pulse Oximeter icon
SimpleEye Live Pulse Oximeter

Introductory price: $1.99 USD (or local equivalent) SimpleEye Live Pulse Oximeter displays and records live blood oxygen and heart rate data from a compatible external Bluetooth pulse oximeter. View the last 1, 2 or 5 minutes of live heart rate or blood oxygen data, and create and annotate recordings. Saved recordings can be reviewed in an interac…

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Download BigScreen Broadcast BigScreen Broadcast icon
BigScreen Broadcast

Bigscreen lets you screenshare your Android screen or camera to any Chromecast or Mac. Features - Screenshare any app on your device with a local ChromeCast, or Mac OS X device - Let people see what you see: screenshare the front and rear camera for your Android phone. - Adjust your frame rate between 1 frame per second, up to 10 frames per seco…

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Download SolidSync Trip Tracker SolidSync Trip Tracker icon
SolidSync Trip Tracker

Use your Android device as a GPS trip recorder with SolidSync Trip Tracker. - See your current location information. - Save your GPS location over time during a drive or a run - Pause and resume the trip recording: perfect for long trips and/or trips with extended stops. - Add notes to your trip of noteworthy events. - View a map of your saved tri…

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Download SimpleEye Google Health Sync SimpleEye Google Health Sync icon
SimpleEye Google Health Sync

Securely synchronize and store medical vital sign data collected on your Android-enabled device in your Google Health account, including weight, blood oxygen, temperature, blood pressure and blood glucose. Uses your on-device account(s), and supports Google Health profiles. See for more details. SimpleEye Google…

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Download Picture This Day Picture This Day icon
Picture This Day

Take a picture a day and watch life unfold. See how time unfolds for the important people and places in your life with a single picture every day. Picture This Day helps you: - Watch your children or pets grow up - See your new house or an interesting building get completed Relive great memories by watching your pictures evolve over time. Use s…

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Download Bluetooth Blood Glucose Bluetooth Blood Glucose icon
Bluetooth Blood Glucose

SimpleEye Bluetooth Blood Glucose records, charts and shares blood glucose measurements from an external Bluetooth glucometer or manual input. Version 3.0.0 includes: * Voice announcements read back your measurements without having to look at the screen. * Reminders help you take regular measurements. * Tested on a wider range of handsets. * Bug/s…

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Download AirZap: AppleTV AirZap: AppleTV icon
AirZap: AppleTV

AirZap: AppleTV makes it truly simple to send any picture you're looking at on your Android phone or tablet to your AppleTV device: see your pictures come to life on your big-screen TV that is connected to your Apple TV. AirZap: AppleTV is the quickest, easiest way to display your photos on your Apple TV. Initial release: - Discovers your A…

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