• Fly Over Maps




    Select a destination and fly over Google Maps... Check Point mode is ON Works better with a wifi connection Airline mode Google Maps V2 !

  • City Mayor II




    Build your own town, get your world ranking. -3 types of building : houses, services, industies -3 public buildings : Security, Water, Power You can fly over your city ! More buildings are coming with the next update.

  • Shoot The Target




    A reality game, you have to shoot the targets as fast as possible and with a high accuracy. (Target, soldiers) Goal : shoot the targets with the red button! Points are calculated in function of the time and the precision The game uses the compass, sometimes this sensor is unstable

  • Geo Golf Pro




    Get distance in meter/yards from your GPS position to where you clicked, Caddy's insightful advices, Scores on the map with Google Maps Plus... Share the score map by sms/mail and find a golf arround you. GPS required - Works OUTDOOR

  • Woreic




    Perform your Toeic level for french people. QCM gives you the vocabulary to win!

  • Book Review




    Post a book review on Facebook, and share it with all your friends! Simply : scan the isbn barcode, write your comment and loggin on Facebook to post your review as a note! Actually in Beta test = Give me FEEDBACK, thank you very much NEW : History on mobile, rating , and correction of BUGs

  • Auto Speaker




    You are calling with friends arround you, you want to share the conversation just put your phone on the back or on the face => You switch automatically in speaker mode. Retake the phone in your hand, you switch in normal mode. Perfect to have hands free. V1.2 correct bug sound

  • Capital




    Get the distance from where you are to 11 capitals. A counter gives you the minimum distance between you and each capital. The application saves yours minimums, then you can see your progression. Distance only in Km for the moment Ps : if you are developer (android UI or Opengl es), i am open...

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