• Shopper Home




    Shopper Home is a user friendly on-line shopping assistant app. As more and more mobile users are steadily accepting and fascinated with e-business to happen on their mobile device, a safe and convenience way to make this easier and reliable will be widely welcomed. This app provides the...

  • Pocket Mall




    The pocket mall app is a convenience shopping tools. It puts a virtual shopping mall in the pocket, users can browse and search various products. More over, the virtual mall puts together hundreds of stores in a store street, customers will enjoy the shopping and find favorite goods. Users can...

  • eBuy Shopping List




    The eBuy app is an online shopping tool for Android smartphone and tablet devices. It works as a virtual shopping center on your hand. It is easy to search different categories of products. It also works as a portal to direct to hundreds of shops online. Users can easily find their favorite...

  • Browser




    The is a super online shopping store that has a variety kinds of products with reasonable price and quality. The Browser app serves as a powerful tool for customers to browse the products and coupons from Features: Product search by keywords; Put a local wish list;...

  • NIOSH Chemical Hazards




    This application is a pocket guide to NIOSH Chemical Hazards. It is designed as a source of general industrial hygiene information for workers, employers, and occupational health professionals. The chemicals or substances contained in this revision include all substances for which the National...

  • eCommerce Yellow Pages


    We live in a time of e-Commerce. Thousands of online shops, such as eBay, Macy's and Walmart, provide services or sale products online. It actually becomes harder for customers to select a favorite product due to the amount of the shops. Different researchers and designers try to provide...

  • Webmania




    Smartphone and tablets are changing the computer world as well as our lifestyle. How to browse web contents conveniently and efficiently on these devices, so as to ease the life of users, is a system engineering. Web browser is introduced from PC and workstation, is it the best way to show on...

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