If You Can LLC

  • If You Can Manager - Monitor




    Overview Of Functionality ---------------------------------- This is the manager app and is a companion for our Catch Me If You Can and Protect Me If You Can monitoring agents (see separate listings). If You Can Manager is not required since you can manage/monitor from our website. However, If...

  • Stealth Backup Manager




    Backup your mobile data with this stealth app. Install it, sign in with your account credentials then click Disappear. Nobody will ever know that it's on your phone. •Remote Configuration •Stealth in case your device falls into the wrong hands •Update Map on Demand or automatically with...

  • Protect Me If You Can -Monitor




    THIS APP IS FREE BUT REQUIRES AN ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION TO COVER THE COSTS OF DATA STORAGE Overview Of Functionality ---------------------------------- Monitor And Track Phone Contacts Monitor And Track Text Messages Monitor And Track Phone Calls Monitor And Track Calendar Activity Monitor And...

  • Unlock Me If You Can




    This app has several purposes. For yourself 1) Use it to reset your device's screensaver password if you happen to get locked out of it. 2) Use it if, like us, you're just lazy enough that you find all of Android's steps to reset your device's password a bit cumbersome. 3) Use...

  • Find Me - Find My Phone




    Do you ever misplace your phone in your house when the ringer's off and find it under the pillow after hunting for it all day? Of course you do! Have you ever left your unlocked phone at work, the grocery store or at school exposing your confidential data to the prying eyes of friends,...

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