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  • Hindi SMS Collection

    Hindi SMS Collection




    The hottest Hindi SMS app on Android. More than 75 categories to choose from!! Express yourself in your own language, both in English and Hindi font! The most user friendly Hindi SMS app on Android with the best SMS collection. And all the content is OFFLINE, you don’t even have to connect to the...

  • Mumbai Skyline Live Wall!

    Mumbai Skyline Live Wall!




    Check out this most unique of all live wallpapers. The live wallpaper has been modeled on the Mumbai skyline. The whole city is lit up and fireworks light up the night sky to make this city a sight to behold. We have depicted the famous monuments of Mumbai like the Gateway of India, The Taj Mahal...

  • The Taste of India Live Wall!

    The Taste of India Live Wall!




    A Live Wallpaper which shows you the slice of life in India. Watch scenes on an Indian road in the backdrop of famous monuments like the Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar, Charminar, Gateway of India and the Sanchi Stupa. Watch vehicles unique to India on the streets as people wander around in the...

  • SMS Sender Announcer

    SMS Sender Announcer


    Searching for your phone or running to the phone to know who has sent you a Sms is passe. Sms Sender Announcer is the perfect app which solves the problem of knowing who’s sent you a message without you having to look at your phone screen. The app also allows you to announce the name of the...

  • Movie and Song Quotes

    Movie and Song Quotes




    An awesome collection of quotes from your favorite FILMS and SONGS. In movie quotes, find quotes from classics like Casablanca, Gone with the Wind, Duck Soup; from all time great films like Godfather, Apocalypse Now, Forrest Gump, Gladiator, Braveheart; from masterpieces like Annie Hall, Dead...

  • Quotes for All

    Quotes for All




    THE FINEST COLLECTION OF QUOTES FOR ALL OCCASIONS! The best collection of quotes for all walks of life from the greatest minds. The quotes are presented into 57 different categories from 70 of the finest thinkers of our times. Some sample categories – Inspirational quotes, Philosophy quotes,...

  • Shayari (Hindi) - शायरी

    Shayari (Hindi) - शायरी




    OFFLINE Shayari app with Facebook and whatspp integration! Content updated regularly! Express your feelings to your loved ones with the most touching and funny shayari collection. And what’s more, do it in Hindi! Just select your shayari and forward it as an SMS, email or msg to your contacts....

  • Hindi Shayari

    Hindi Shayari




    THE BEST SHAYARI APP ON ANDROID! Find the perfect shayari to share with your loved ones an an SMS,email, Facebook post or share with other apps. Very user friendly and simple, but very useful. And what's more, you don't even have to connect to the internet to access the content, its...






    The funniest jokes app in Hindi! Jokes are listed both in Hindi font and English font and can be shared in a number of ways. Share the jokes through Whatsapp, Facebook, Email, SMS, Way2SMS and other messaging applications! And all the content is OFFLINE. Save all your favorite jokes in the...

  • Hindi Quotes

    Hindi Quotes




    Find the most motivating, inspiring and though provoking quotes in Hindi. The quotes have been categorized into 12 categories. There are also quotes by 9 inspiring and greatest thinkers of our times. Share these quotes on Facebook, Whatsapp and other applications. Forward them to your family,...

  • Chat Sender Announcer

    Chat Sender Announcer




    Searching for your phone or running to the phone to know who has sent you a chat is passé. Chat Sender Announcer is the perfect app which solves the problem of knowing who’s sent you a chat message without you having to look at your phone screen. Be it Whatsapp, Wechat, Line, Facebook, Skype, get...

  • Love Shayari

    Love Shayari




    Now SMS your loved one with the best of romantic shayaris on Android. There are four categories each in English and Hindi. Now never run out of worlds to express your innermost romantic feelings. You can also email them from within the app. And best of all, the content is offline, which means you...

  • Share Greetings

    Share Greetings




    Don’t Just forward wishes & greetings, Now you can be first person to wish & share greetings to everyone on any important occasions. Share Greetings is the collections of heart touching wishes, beautiful cards/wallpaper and stickers. So Now Enjoy any Occasion to the fullest. Share...

  • Ultimate Shayari

    Ultimate Shayari




    Over 2000 shayaris in over 30 categories to choose from! And it's OFFLINE! The definitive app for shayaris on Android! The best collection of shayaris in both Hindi and English available in one app. Now choose from over 30 categories of shayaris that will touch your heart, make you laugh and...

  • Picture SMS & Emoticons

    Picture SMS & Emoticons




    Picture SMS and Emoticons is the perfect app to share wishes, greetings and emotions through picture SMS or ASCII messages. Also now spice up your SMS with a smiley or wink through emoticons. Find the appropriate Picture message from the following categories and share with all your friends and...

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