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English Literature

This is a beautiful application that outlines a brief history of English literature and also introduces you to many aspects of the world of literature. This small application smartly touches every single era that happened in life of English Literature. Plus, you will learn about great writers like:- 1. Geoffrey Chaucer, 2. Edmund Spencer, 3. Fra…

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Punjabi Sikh News of Punjab

iHues Punjabi News app provides daily updated news in Punjabi. Now listen to your favorite news updated everyday by iHues.com This app has been developed by iHues Media Ltd in an effort to bring Punjabi content on all mobile devices. We want to bring our language to level of recent changes in technologies. This app will include news in Punjabi fro…

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Turkish Radio Turkish Radios

Turkish Radios app. Turkish is a language spoken as a native language by over 83 million people worldwide, making it the most commonly spoken of the Turkic languages. Its speakers are located predominantly in Turkey and Northern Cyprus with smaller groups in Iraq, Greece, Bulgaria, the Republic of Macedonia, Kosovo[a], Albania and other parts of Ea…

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Download Sindhi Radio Sindhi Radios Sindhi Radio Sindhi Radios icon
Sindhi Radio Sindhi Radios

Sindhi Radios app. Sindhi is the language of the historical Sindh region. It is spoken by 53,410,910 people in Pakistan and some 5,820,485 people in India. It is the second most spoken language in all of Pakistan and is theoretically the official language of the province of Sindh, although Urdu and English are still the main languages for many admi…

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Download Uzbek Radio Uzbek Radios Uzbek Radio Uzbek Radios icon
Uzbek Radio Uzbek Radios

Uzbek Radios app. Uzbek is a Turkic language and the official language of Uzbekistan. It has about 40 million native speakers, and it is spoken by the Uzbeks in Uzbekistan and elsewhere in Central Asia. Uzbek belongs to the southeastern Turkic or Uyghur family of Turkic languages, and consequently its lexicon and grammar are most closely linked to…

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Pinoy Radio UK

Official Android App of PINOY RADIO UK. The Pinoy Radio UK is the first Filipino radio station online serving the Filipino community in the United Kingdom and neighboring countries in Europe. We are your Pinoy news and music station playing Original Pilipino Music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are committed to promoting the music of Filipino si…

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Download Armenian Radio Armenian Radios Armenian Radio Armenian Radios icon
Armenian Radio Armenian Radios

Armenian Radios app. The Armenian language is an Indo-European language spoken by the Armenian people. It is the official language of the Republic of Armenia as well as in the region of Nagorno-Karabakh. The language is also widely spoken by Armenian communities in the Armenian diaspora. It has its own script, the Armenian alphabet, and is of inter…

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Marathi Radio Marathi Radios

Marathi Radios app. Marathi is an Indo-Aryan language spoken by the Marathi people of western and central India. There are over 68 million fluent speakers worldwide. Marathi has the fourth largest number of native speakers in India and is the fifteenth most spoken language in the world. Marathi has some of the oldest literature of all modern Indo-A…

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Download Pashto Radio Pashto Radios Pashto Radio Pashto Radios icon
Pashto Radio Pashto Radios

Pashto Radios app. Pashto is the native language of the Pashtun people of South Central Asia. Pashto is a member of the Eastern Iranian languages group, spoken in Pakistan and Afghanistan as well as by the Pashtun diaspora around the world. Pashto belongs to the Northeastern Iranic branch of the Indo-Iranian language family, although Ethnologue li…

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Download Punjabi Radio Sher-E-Punjab Punjabi Radio Sher-E-Punjab icon
Punjabi Radio Sher-E-Punjab

Sher-E-Punjab Radio is fast-growing Punjabi Radio in Vancouver. Sher-E-Punjab is a 24 hour radio broadcaster focused on Sikh, Hindu, Muslim, Punjabi speaking South Asian population. Sher-E-Punjab Radio broadcasts Punjabi Radio, Sikh Values, Sikhism, Gurdwara News, Kirtan, and Gurbani Viachaar. You can listen to Punjabi songs, Punjabi talk shows, an…

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