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  • Aquarium and fishes




    Aquarium and fishes it is beautiful, free and relaxing live wallpaper. Coloured fishes in aquarium on the screen of your mobile phone. You can find also: sea turtles, jellyfish, coral reef. Three backgrounds with aquarium to choose from. In case of any problems with the effect of Aquarium and...

  • Flowers and Butterflies Summer




    Flowers and Butterflies Live Wallpaper. Beautiful summer flowers for your phone. Beautiful flowers, meadow, clouds, flying butterflies. That's all you can find in this beautiful summer wallpaper. The summer wallpaper has 3 backgrounds to choose from: chamomiles in the meadow. Poppies on the...

  • Sunset live wallpaper




    Sunset live wallpaper. Beautiful, realistic landscapes: sea sunset, sunset in Africa and sunset in forest. Download and set wallpaper on the screen of your mobile phone. In case of any problems with the effect of sunset live wallpaper, instead of giving us the negative opinion, please send us...

  • Pink Fluffy Ball




    Pink, fluffy ball live wallpaper. Cute, virtual pet on the wallpaper of your mobile phone. You can touch, pat and dress the ball. How to play with Pink fluffy ball. - Double click on the bottom part of the shaggy ball will cause it to make funny faces and make funny noises or the shaggy ball will...

  • Cat and Bunny. Cute Wallpaper.




    Cat and Bunny. Cute live wallpaper for girls with pets, butterflies, love and heart. Cat and bunny are in love and snuggling up to each other. The cute wallpaper with cat and bunny has two background to choose from: - Cat and bunny at the pink background. Above their, heart with lovely...

  • Galaxy Space Live Wallpaper




    The live wallpaper Galaxy, cosmos, stars there are animated backgrounds to choose from: - Planet Saturn with the Ring spinning, flashing stars, moving clouds. - Fantastic planet with spinning sun and moon. The clouds flow beautifully, the water and mysterious fog pulse. In the full version you...

  • Baby Cat, Cute Live Wallpaper




    Baby Cat, Cute Live Wallpaper. Sweet fluffy ginger, baby cat with a sweet mouth. Sweet cat blinks cushty with his eyes, moves his ears and puts forward his tongue. Baby cat moves his nose funny. When you touch the cat’s belly, cat will start meows. The baby cat likes when you stroke his head....

  • Fluffy ball crash




    Fluffy ball crash. Fluffy balls as skaters! Simple but very highly addictive game for all. Easy rules: do not crush the fluffy balls! Move the blue fluffy ball but do not crash it with pink fluffy balls! Tap anywhere to change skating rink. Beat new records! In case of any problems with the...

  • Fluffy Ball Live Wallpaper




    Fluffy ball live wallpaper. Fun, fluffy ball complete with blinking eyes. When you begin to touch and stroke the marble it will respond with funny grunts of contentment. How to play: - Change the colour of the ball - Dress the marble with cool caps, hats, bows, bandannas - When shaking a...

  • Talking, Dancing Cat.




    Talking, dancing cat. Two in one: cute wallpaper and funny app. How to use: watch demo video. How to use: Open the application, click on the "download" button to download the graphics for your phone type. After downloading the files, click on "Set wallpaper" if you want to...

  • Draw! Animated painting




    Great application for drawing. Draw something with animated brushes. This painting application allows you to create fantastic animated drawings or simple doodles. You can create own, beautiful valentines live wallpaper or greeting card for Valentine's Day. You can save your completed drawings...

  • Fluffy Ball Jump




    Fluffy ball jump is amazing free game. Start your adventure with a jumping fluffy ball now! Cartoon graphics consisting of three seasons: summer, autumn, winter. Two modes of play. 60 interesting levels! Play against your friends in getting the highest records! Click on a fluffy ball to make it...

  • Water Drop. Flowers and Leaves




    Water drop, flowers and leaves live wallpaper with a simulated water wave effect. The effect of water movement is very realistic. The wallpaper has three wallpaper backgrounds to choose from: Beautiful colored leaves over the heaving water. On the leaf there is a water drop streaming down to the...

  • Dog sniffs screen wallpaper




    Funny animals sniffing your mobile screen. The wallpaper has three backgrounds with funny pets to choose from: hamster sniffs screen, cute dog sniffs screen, nice pig sniffs screen. The wallpaper is compatible to new Galaxy S4. In case of any problems with the effect of Pets sniffing screen live...

  • Lightning, Thunderstorm HD LWP




    Lightning, thunderstorm, HD live wallpaper. Ideal for new Galaxy S4. Beautiful coloured lightning strike on your phone screen. Electrical discharges, rain, flowing clouds, waving water, it is all you find at this beautiful wallpaper. The wallpaper has three backgrounds to choose from: city at...

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