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  • Rain Drop Live Wallpaper

    Rain Drop Live Wallpaper




    Rain Drop, Water Drop, live wallpaper. The wallpaper simulates raindrops falling. It is nice animation of water drops on the glass scene on your mobile screen. Water Drop live wallpaper there are three animated backgrounds to choose from: beautiful mountains, rippling water, flowing clouds. In...

  • Lightning, Thunderstorm HD LWP

    Lightning, Thunderstorm HD LWP




    Lightning, thunderstorm, HD live wallpaper. Ideal for new Galaxy S4. Beautiful coloured lightning strike on your phone screen. Electrical discharges, rain, flowing clouds, waving water, it is all you find at this beautiful wallpaper. The wallpaper has three backgrounds to choose from: city at...

  • Funny cat and flies

    Funny cat and flies




    Funny cat and flies live wallpaper. Funny fat cat who observes the flying flies. The funny cat passes his eyes for flying flies and when a fly sits on cat's nose the cat makes a funny squint. The cat is a little bit malicious, he holds with his paw the tail of a mouse, which wants to escape...

  • Laughing Baby Cracked Screen

    Laughing Baby Cracked Screen




    Funny, laughing baby cracked screen, funny live wallpaper. Animated wallpaper free of charge with the funny, laughing baby which will make your phone screen appear broken (cracked screen). Funny, laughing baby likes to box. Try to face it. Hit him into the glove and he breaks the screen of your...

  • Panther, cute cat

    Panther, cute cat




    Panther, cute wild cat live wallpaper. Sweet little panther. Touch the belly of the cat and it roars like a real big cat. The panther is a wild cat but it likes when you stroke his head. The kitten closes then its eyes and purrs. The cat blinks great, moves his nose and licks its lips. Over the...

  • Bad Talking Monkey

    Bad Talking Monkey




    Bad, talking monkey – funny free app. Touch the monkey’s head and start talking, the talking monkey will repeat everything you tell it in a funny way and will add a rude comment. The talking monkey is easily annoyed. Touch its left hand and it will show you „fuck you” or it will spit on the...

  • Mountains, water, clouds LWP

    Mountains, water, clouds LWP




    Mountains, water, clouds, forest live wallpapers with beautiful landscapes. There are a few landscapes in frames of one application to choose from: - Beautiful mountains, forest, lake, clouds, flowers. The water ripples, trees, clouds and flowers they move influenced by wind. - Mountain...

  • Talking Cats

    Talking Cats




    Talking cats, funny app with option of live wallpaper. The cats repeat everything you say in a funny voice and add a funny comment from themselves. The cats are very talented. The talking cats play beautiful music on the instruments. They play fantastic drums, keyboard, classical and electric...

  • Funny Face, Smileys

    Funny Face, Smileys




    Funny Face, Smileys Live Wallpaper. Now your mobile phone can have its own funny face. Just set the wallpaper as the background of your phone and it will blink, watch what’s going on, raise its eyebrows and smile at you. There are two wallpaper backgrounds to choose from: a realistic face or a...

  • Flowers and Butterflies Summer

    Flowers and Butterflies Summer




    Flowers and Butterflies Live Wallpaper. Beautiful summer flowers for your phone. Beautiful flowers, meadow, clouds, flying butterflies. That's all you can find in this beautiful summer wallpaper. The summer wallpaper has 3 backgrounds to choose from: chamomiles in the meadow. Poppies on the...

  • Sweet Cat. Dress Up Wallpaper

    Sweet Cat. Dress Up Wallpaper




    Sweet cat, cute kitty, dress up. HD live wallpaper. It is very nice dress up application. Cute cat, sweet kitty is blinking his eyes, when you touch the belly of the cat, the kitten will meow or will tell you: I love You. Touch the back of a cat, the cat will squint his eyes and murmur. Cat...

  • Summer Rain, Flowers, HD LWP

    Summer Rain, Flowers, HD LWP




    Summer rain, flowers HD live wallpaper. Ideal for new Galaxy S4. The wallpaper simulates raindrops falling. It is nice animation of water drops on the glass scene on your mobile screen. Summer rain, flowers HD live wallpaper there are three animated backgrounds to choose from: beautiful rose,...

  • Farting Dancing Baby Funny LWP

    Farting Dancing Baby Funny LWP




    Farting Dancing Baby Live Wallpaper Free animated wallpaper with the funny baby which burps, farts, laughs and dances on potty. True, this toddler is sweet and funny? Download wallpaper and see what the baby does. When you touch the leg of the baby and tickle him in leg, the toddler will be...

  • Funny Cute Cat Live Wallpaper

    Funny Cute Cat Live Wallpaper




    Free Funny Cute Cat Live Wallpaper. Beautiful valentines day live wallpaper. Cute cat will tell you: “I love you” when you will touch his heart. Touch cat’s tail, cat will meows. Also funny cat can moves his head, tail, heart. Kitty is blinking and stamping one's feet. Cat puts on nightcap...

  • Rose. Magic Touch Flowers

    Rose. Magic Touch Flowers




    Rose, magic touch, flowers live wallpaper. Rose changes color if you tap her. Touch the flower and rose will change into bud and will develop in a different color. Flowers live wallpaper has its evening version which is set automatically or if you like an evening version of the wallpaper you can...

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