Ilker Keles

  • Crazy Pilot

    Crazy Pilot




    Touch the screen to elevate. Do not hit anywhere, collect all the gas boxes. At the end of each level, land gently on the airport. Be careful; moves with acceleration...

  • Paint Me!

    Paint Me!




    Select an image from gallery looking at the camera, Edit the image if needed (crop-brightness-contrast), Pinch pan and zoom, Apply fun effects... Makeup, Hats, Glasses, Mustache... All phases will be saved in your device New effects will be added soon... This application is ad-supported

  • FingerBilliards





    FingerBilliards is a 2D Billiards Game. In order to score, the player's ball must hit both of the other two balls. It is not important which one it hits first. In 3-Cushion the player's ball must hit the cushions at least three times before it hits the second target ball. It can hit the...

  • 8 Ball Billiards

    8 Ball Billiards




    This is a 2D 8 ball (eight ball) pool billiards game. Tap the screen and slide your finger to aim and adjust the speed of the cue ball.

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