iLLi Studio

  • Energize It!




    Simple game for New Year celebration. Your objective is to help a little snowman to collect energy spheres, that is falling from the sky. As soon as you catch the spheres, you will raise the energy level of the tree, and some light bulbs on the tree will glow. And there are some special items....

  • FunnyWrap




    FunnyWrap - it's a fun to crack a bubble wrap To crack bubbles on wrap of office equipment is perhaps the most famous way to relax. However, there is a problem, that this wrap is a scarce product when many people like to crack it. So, for those who want to relax, we made our new app -...

  • DropIt!!




    drop it! - Put all the fruits to basket! dropt it! - is engaging and dynamic game, in which you should pick up fruits and vegetables for special basket for them. They fall by itself, and your task is to manage theirs falls to desired basket. You can do it by drawing special lines by your...

  • Radar Reminder


    Simple app to work with geo reminders. You place a reminder on the map, an it will notify you, when you can into this area. App uses OpenStreetMap maps

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