Imagination Technologies

  • MakeItFlow




    MakeItFlow is an application that allows the maker community, hobbyists and students to get familiar with FlowCloud, an application independent platform that enables sensors and devices to be monitored and controlled over the internet from Android mobile devices as well as web browsers....

  • Pure Connect




    Pure Connect gives you free access to thousands of internet radio stations, on-demand radio shows, podcasts and ambient sounds, as well as all the music you want via the Pure Music subscription service. You can also use it to listen to music stored on your device and to stream all this content...





    PEAQ MUNET, the modular sound system offers the best music pleasure and full flexibility. All Munet devices can be controlled and switched on and off by the APP. The app gives you full control - done easily and comfortable from your couch. In addition, it controls separately the volume for each...

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