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UPDATE : Thank you for all the reviews . We will soon update the game in few weeks with new models and new dresses with no sunglasses . Shukran ✪ Beautiful Models to DressUp. ✪ Flaunt a passion for hijab fashion with this elegant muslimah dress-up game. ✪ Select from Different stylish apparel including gorgeous gowns, headscarves, handbags, and…

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Download World War 2: Battle of Berlin World War 2: Battle of Berlin icon
World War 2: Battle of Berlin

Prepare yourself as the Soviet army is marching towards the capital of Germany, the Battle of Berlin has begun! Red Alert is imminent, the aggressors are already here, defend against the Russian menace as vigorously as you can in this superb tower defense game situated in World War 2 era. As a commanding officer of the German forces your task is…

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Download Crazy Belts Crazy Belts icon
Crazy Belts

Do you know what happens after check-in? Do you think our luggage is safe in the conveyor belts of the airport? Now you can discover the truth! Crazy Belts is a casual puzzle game that tells the amazing story of our bags, and why they end up in distant countries when we leave them in the belts. Join Loui the Bag in his trip across five countries:…

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Download Kick The Ball FREE Kick The Ball FREE icon
Kick The Ball FREE

*** NEW: 15 more exiting brazilian style bonus levels *** Be the star in this addictive soccer simulation and compete with players around the globe! As a young boy who dreams about being a professional player you will take your own adventurous and challenging journey through backyards, football grounds or streets into a real world cup stadium! In…

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Download Snakes & Ladders Aquarium FREE Snakes & Ladders Aquarium FREE icon
Snakes & Ladders Aquarium FREE

Check out this brand new version of the most popular board and dice game Snakes and Ladders (in Aquarium), now available for your Android device! The game play: Players spin the dice and move their character for the number of steps indicated by the dice. If they land on the lower-numbered end of the block with a "ladder", they can move t…

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Download Cash YoYo - Free Gift Cards Cash YoYo - Free Gift Cards icon
Cash YoYo - Free Gift Cards

Cash YoYo brings you free Gift Cards and Rewards! Collect Credits for downloading apps or completing offers. Use the credits to redeem the rewards you want. We offer cash rewards (PayPal) and international gift cards for GooglePlay, Amazon, iTunes, PlayStation, Steam, Xbox, Starbucks, Ebay, Walmart, 7-Eleven, Target, and many many more.…

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Download Dino Defender: Bunker Battles Dino Defender: Bunker Battles icon
Dino Defender: Bunker Battles

Welcome to this awesome Tower Defense game featuring a dramatic fight for survival against frightening dinosaurs on a creepy island... It all started on this abandoned island, formerly used for military training. We had the idea to send an experienced team there to study how well they can survive in the wild. But things went wrong and we lost cont…

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Download Shadow Combat Shadow Combat icon
Shadow Combat

Shadow Combat - exciting, arcade-style game featuring a young hero that run and escape from the rival of the shadow fighter. Take your swords and start the journey. To survive till the end, fight and avoid all the danger obstacles along the way. Collect all the coins to earn scores. Beat your friends and be the king of the shadow fighter. There ar…

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Download Aloha - The Game Aloha - The Game icon
Aloha - The Game

Aloha The Game is easy to pick up and play, but challenging to master for platform/runner fans, thanks to collectibles, traps and nasty enemies. Help Annie, Bob, Max and Ziggy to reach the Hawaii! Annie, Bob, Max and Ziggy are bored by their dull everyday life at the South Pole. What’s better than a vacation to the Hawaii? Aloha The Game is yo…

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Download Ballet Dancer Games For Girls Ballet Dancer Games For Girls icon
Ballet Dancer Games For Girls

Do you have a little ballerina about that adores dancing shoes and tutu’s? Then twinkle sprinkle some dancing delight into your little ballerina’s life with the Ballet Dancer Games For Girls Activity App! Your little ballerina will have a spectacular time playing with ballet puzzles, ballerina games AND interactive flashcards that have ballet dan…

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Download Ludo Master Ludo Master icon
Ludo Master

Ludo (also well known as "Pachisi"" "Parcheesi", "Sorry" or "Don’t get Angry") does not need much explanations. We all have played this world famous board game and experienced some cheerful moments looking for a six on the dice, hitting other player's pieces and avoiding getting hit by our friends!…

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Download Boost My Battery HD Boost My Battery HD icon
Boost My Battery HD

+++TOP FREE UTILITIES APP+++ The name says it all: Boost My Battery HD gives your phone or tablet much more battery power! This application provides the best features to save the battery time of your phone or your tablet. Whenever your battery runs low or is losing too much power too fast then just tap the application to turn on the saving mode.…

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