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  • Eckhart Tolle TV on ACIM

    Eckhart Tolle TV on ACIM


    A Course in Miracles was designed as a 365-day program for spiritual awakening. This month, Eckhart, who has used this resource in his own teaching for years, invites us to see if we can get to the essence of the Course in one 90-minute session. In addition, he teaches about Zen and shares an...

  • In White Light - B. Bonetti

    In White Light - B. Bonetti


    For many years, light and colour has perfectly worked together to remedy many illnesses, stresses and beliefs. Within this deeply relaxing hypnotic recording, you will uncover the power of a pure, abundant white light, you will explore your inner resources’ and release any unwanted pain....

  • Claustophobia - B. Bonetti

    Claustophobia - B. Bonetti


    Does your chest feel tight when within an enclosed space? Do you avoid places where you feel trapped? Do you get the feeling at times where you just can’t breathe? Overcoming Your Fear of Claustrophobia will re-programme your mind to be as comfortable in enclosed spaces as you would normally...

  • Free Your Busy Mind - Bonetti

    Free Your Busy Mind - Bonetti


    Do you find it hard to complete one task at the time? Does your mind find it hard to focus? Does it feel like your mind is overloaded with information? This audio can help! We are often bombarded with so much information that our mind has little chance to process each part, often causing that...

  • Presence by Giovanni Lordi

    Presence by Giovanni Lordi




    Helps 'ground' you back in the 'present' to experience the amazing benefits of living in the moment more. This session is designed to connect with your deeper mind through hypnosis to create awareness and presence for everything you do. It will set your mind free from all words,...

  • Discipline by Giovanni Lordi

    Discipline by Giovanni Lordi




    Enhances self discipline to get things done & achieve your goals. This hypnosis session will help boost your ability to always stay on track, work hard, and achieve your goals. It will promote a more disciplined approach to everything you do, whether you use it for work, relationships,...

  • Insomnia Cure-R.Collingwood

    Insomnia Cure-R.Collingwood




    A time tested and proven formula to get to sleep, stay asleep and improve your sleeping patterns permanently. It is perfect if you suffer form insomnia or sleep depravation! Enjoy the world's most effective hypnosis for insomnia and sleep conditions in complete privacy and comfort whenever...

  • Power Nap-R.Collingwood

    Power Nap-R.Collingwood




    Do you suffer from "two thirty-itis"? Perhaps you find it hard to sleep at night? This special hypnosis audio program is designed to give you a quick and very satisfying Power Nap whenever you need one. It will leave you feeling revitalized, refreshed and in the right state of ready to...

  • Energy Boost-R.Collingwood

    Energy Boost-R.Collingwood




    Are you lacking energy, inspiration or motivation? Look no further - here is a proven, tested and best of all, completely free solution for you. Enjoy the world's most effective hypnosis to regain your energy in complete privacy and comfort whenever and wherever you like. About the Hypnosis...

  • Migraines by Giovanni Lordi

    Migraines by Giovanni Lordi


    Helps provide instant relief for migraines & headaches, as well as building inner-control mechanisms to prevent them. This session utilises clinical hypnosis pain management techniques to help control the pain from migraines & headaches. This is achieved in the recording by helping you...

  • Sleep Apnea by Giovanni Lordi

    Sleep Apnea by Giovanni Lordi


    Helps regulate the effects of sleep apnea through the mind-body connection. This hypnosis session has been developed to target the contributing factors that cause sleep apnea (apnoea). It uses powerful 'mind-body connection' clinical hypnotherapy techniques to help re-balance the...

  • Confidence by Giovanni Lodi

    Confidence by Giovanni Lodi


    Helps bBuild self confidence & self esteem. This hypnosis session is designed to override any self-limiting belief systems & enhance your overall confidence with yourself, & everything that you do. It will give you the ability on a deeper level to always respect & love who you...

  • Hypnosis Collection - G. Lordi

    Hypnosis Collection - G. Lordi




    The most effective collection of hypnosis tracks ever put in one app! Giovanni is an experienced hypnotherapist, author, public speaker/motivator & co-owner of Australia's leading self help company Resonanz Recordings. He is the author of an extensive range of self hypnosis recordings,...

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  • B. Bonetti - Complete Hypnosis

    B. Bonetti - Complete Hypnosis




    20 Minute Deeply Relaxing Sleep With Hypnosis - Ideal refreshment for Lunch Breaks, Short Trips or Part of Enhanced Well Being. - Benjamin Bonetti Most people find it hard to switch off from the day to day stresses of life. The ability to relax is a natural and valuable skill which we all...

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