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  • Abundance by Giovanni Lordi

    Abundance by Giovanni Lordi




    Enhances Your mindset to manifest & attract abundance. This is professional hypnosis abundance program. It utilises many techniques to help bring success & abundance of all types into your life. By shifting your mindset even the slightest i the right direction, a chain reaction can occur...

  • Exercise by Giovanni Lordi

    Exercise by Giovanni Lordi


    Become motivated to exercise & always choose to be active - perfect for weight loss! Put simply, this hypnosis session will give you the motivation, drive & discipline to exercise more regularly. It will promote you to always choose activity over inactivity - for example - instead of...

  • Procrastination-Giovanni Lordi

    Procrastination-Giovanni Lordi




    Shifts you automatically in that 'action' mindset to overcome procrastination forever. This hypnotherapy session is designed to overhaul patterns of procrastination, laziness & lack of motivation, replacing these with a new mindset that always pushes to get things done. This is...

  • Drug Addiction-Giovanni Lordi

    Drug Addiction-Giovanni Lordi




    helps assist in the recovery process from addiction to any type of drug. This program is designed to provide vital assistance, comfort and empowering suggestions, to those who suffer from addiction to drugs or a substance abuse problem. Hypnosis can be very effective to implement deep seeded...

  • Virtual Gastric Band-G. Lordi

    Virtual Gastric Band-G. Lordi




    This is a specialist weight loss hypnosis MP3, designed purely as a 'placebo' to convince your mind you have undertaken a gastric band bypass. Through the power of suggestion, this creates the physical & mental illusion that you are always full after eating less, thus fast-tracking...

  • Eating Healthy-Giovanni Lordi

    Eating Healthy-Giovanni Lordi


    Automatically choose healthier foods to control your Weight. This session is designed to overhaul your eating patterns to empower you to always choose healthy foods. It is useful if you are on a diet or other weight loss program as it will give the willpower to stay away from junk foods....

  • Break Ups by Giovanni Lordi

    Break Ups by Giovanni Lordi


    Hypnosis to help after you 'break up' with someone. This hypnotherapy MP3 will help you emotionally & mentally come to terms with the effects of breaking up with somebody. It will help empower you to move beyond and learn from the experience, or if the situation is right, to correct...

  • Metabolism by Giovanni Lordi

    Metabolism by Giovanni Lordi




    Helps balance your mind & body connection to improve your metabolism - perfect for weight loss! This hypnosis session will help balance the connection between your mind & body to specifically help increase your metabolism. This is ideal to help with weight loss by regulating your...

  • Panic Attacks - Giovanni Lordi

    Panic Attacks - Giovanni Lordi


    Eliminates panic attacks by resolving the emotions & mental processes that cause them. Panic attacks can be a frightening experience, but it is possible to override the mental processes that cause them. This hypnotherapy session has been designed in accordance with specific cognitive stress...

  • Martial Arts by Giovanni Lordi

    Martial Arts by Giovanni Lordi


    Enhances your mental perception & ability for any martial arts discipline or fighting sport. This is a unique program, designed for fighters of all types - Karate, Kick Boxing, Kung Fu, Tae Kwondo etc. It uses fundamental principles, actioned through deep hypnosis, to help you get the mental...

  • OCD by Giovanni Lordi

    OCD by Giovanni Lordi




    Designed to counteract the effects of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). This is a clinical hypnosis session, recorded in high quality audio. It is designed for people who suffer from OCD (mild to extreme cases), or people who have compulsive patterns that are posing a problem for living a...

  • Tinnitus by Giovanni Lordi

    Tinnitus by Giovanni Lordi


    Contains spoken hypnosis, white noise & binaural beats to immediately relieve tinnitus noise, & help create new ways of minimizing the effects permanently. This recorded hypnotherapy session uses cognitive techniques, advanced mind-body hypnosis, & a white noise binaural beat...

  • Thinking Slim - Giovanni Lordi

    Thinking Slim - Giovanni Lordi


    Gives you the optimal mindset to easily & automatically do everything right when it comes to losing weight. This hypnosis session will give you the right mindset, with equal parts motivation, discipline & drive, to keep you on track with your weight loss goals. It uses the power of...

  • Stuttering by Giovanni Lordi

    Stuttering by Giovanni Lordi


    Reduces the severity of stuttering & stammering to speak more easily without fear. Stuttering is a complex metal/emotional issue, with no official cure at present. However we have seen very significant improvements with people who have used this MP3 to improve their speech patterns &...

  • Stress Reduction - G. Lordi

    Stress Reduction - G. Lordi


    Embeds mental techniques for a mindset to easily reduce the level of stress in your life. This is a clinical hypnotherapy session, recorded in high definition audio, containing spoken hypnosis, binaural beats, nature sounds, & relaxing music to reduce your stress levels. It will help you...

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