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  • Martial Arts by Giovanni Lordi

    Martial Arts by Giovanni Lordi


    Enhances your mental perception & ability for any martial arts discipline or fighting sport. This is a unique program, designed for fighters of all types - Karate, Kick Boxing, Kung Fu, Tae Kwondo etc. It uses fundamental principles, actioned through deep hypnosis, to help you get the mental...

  • OCD by Giovanni Lordi

    OCD by Giovanni Lordi




    Designed to counteract the effects of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). This is a clinical hypnosis session, recorded in high quality audio. It is designed for people who suffer from OCD (mild to extreme cases), or people who have compulsive patterns that are posing a problem for living a...

  • Overthinking by Giovanni Lordi

    Overthinking by Giovanni Lordi




    Stops incessantly thinking about everything too much and switching off 'mind chatter'. Do you find yourself thinking too much about every single little thing you see or do? Do you lay awake at night with thousands of thoughts running through your head and can't sleep? Do you worry...

  • Tinnitus by Giovanni Lordi

    Tinnitus by Giovanni Lordi


    Contains spoken hypnosis, white noise & binaural beats to immediately relieve tinnitus noise, & help create new ways of minimizing the effects permanently. This recorded hypnotherapy session uses cognitive techniques, advanced mind-body hypnosis, & a white noise binaural beat...

  • Thinking Slim - Giovanni Lordi

    Thinking Slim - Giovanni Lordi


    Gives you the optimal mindset to easily & automatically do everything right when it comes to losing weight. This hypnosis session will give you the right mindset, with equal parts motivation, discipline & drive, to keep you on track with your weight loss goals. It uses the power of...

  • Infertility by Giovanni Lordi

    Infertility by Giovanni Lordi


    About the Author: Giovanni is an experienced hypnotherapist, author & counselor. He is the author of an extensive range of self hypnosis recordings, and uses hypnosis to succesfully treat almost any kind of issue imaginable. He has personally helped many people since 2003 when he first...

  • Stuttering by Giovanni Lordi

    Stuttering by Giovanni Lordi


    Reduces the severity of stuttering & stammering to speak more easily without fear. Stuttering is a complex metal/emotional issue, with no official cure at present. However we have seen very significant improvements with people who have used this MP3 to improve their speech patterns &...

  • Letting Go by Giovanni Lordi

    Letting Go by Giovanni Lordi


    Helps let go of 'emotional baggage' - memories,hurts, thoughts, experiences & other things dragging you down. This hypnosis session is designed to lighten your 'emotional baggage' by letting go of all old negative experiences, memories & regrets that are weighing you down...

  • Stress Reduction - G. Lordi

    Stress Reduction - G. Lordi


    Embeds mental techniques for a mindset to easily reduce the level of stress in your life. This is a clinical hypnotherapy session, recorded in high definition audio, containing spoken hypnosis, binaural beats, nature sounds, & relaxing music to reduce your stress levels. It will help you...

  • Motivation by Giovanni Lordi

    Motivation by Giovanni Lordi


    Increases general motivation levels, inspiration & the ability to always get things done! If you are lacking motivation, have trouble becoming inspired to do things, or just generally want to be more proactive, this hypnosis MP3 will certainly help. It contains powerful spoken techniques to...

  • Stop Smoking by Giovanni Lordi

    Stop Smoking by Giovanni Lordi


    This is a very effective way to make quitting smoking easier. With this powerful hypnotherapy program you can re-write & override all the things that make you addicted to cigarettes stored within your subconscious. Doing this it is possible to reduce the cravings, break habitual behavior...

  • Relaxation by Giovanni Lordi

    Relaxation by Giovanni Lordi


    Experience the ultimate sense of relaxation with this guided hypnosis & binaural beat trance session. Put simply, this hypnosis session will take you deep into trance, wherein you can experience an ultimate state of deep relaxation. It is not designed to do anything else but allow you to be...

  • E.S.P. by Giovanni Lordi

    E.S.P. by Giovanni Lordi


    Enhance receptiveness to extra sensory perceptions - intuition, psychic ability & inner knowing. This is a special hypnosis session, designed to take you deep within your mind to explore the different realms where extra sensory perception (ESP) abilities lie within your subconscious. It will...

  • Sleep by Giovanni Lordi

    Sleep by Giovanni Lordi


    Put simply, this recording is almost impossible to stay awake to while listening! Perfect for insomniacs & light sleepers. Giovanni's soothing hypnotic voice, binaural beats, relaxing music and rainforest sounds to help you drift away. The recording is guided by voice for the first 45...

  • Super Creativity - G. Lordi

    Super Creativity - G. Lordi




    A hypnosis session to unleash your creative powers + free bonus 30 minute binaural beat music to listen while you are doing anything creative. This hypnosis session + binaural music session, is a very special tool to allow you to push the boundaries of your mind. It will help you completely open...

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