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  • E.S.P. by Giovanni Lordi

    E.S.P. by Giovanni Lordi


    Enhance receptiveness to extra sensory perceptions - intuition, psychic ability & inner knowing. This is a special hypnosis session, designed to take you deep within your mind to explore the different realms where extra sensory perception (ESP) abilities lie within your subconscious. It will...

  • Sleep by Giovanni Lordi

    Sleep by Giovanni Lordi


    Put simply, this recording is almost impossible to stay awake to while listening! Perfect for insomniacs & light sleepers. Giovanni's soothing hypnotic voice, binaural beats, relaxing music and rainforest sounds to help you drift away. The recording is guided by voice for the first 45...

  • Super Creativity - G. Lordi

    Super Creativity - G. Lordi




    A hypnosis session to unleash your creative powers + free bonus 30 minute binaural beat music to listen while you are doing anything creative. This hypnosis session + binaural music session, is a very special tool to allow you to push the boundaries of your mind. It will help you completely open...

  • Self Esteem by Giovanni Lordi

    Self Esteem by Giovanni Lordi


    This program will boost your overall self esteem and sense of self worth from the 'ground up' through hypnosis. Doing this you can experience a more fulfilling life on every level. It uses proven hypnotherapy techniques to help improve your thought patterns at the deepest level to...

  • Lucid Dreaming by G. Lordi

    Lucid Dreaming by G. Lordi


    Experience vivid lucid dreams & control their outcomes - includes bonus 30min binaural beat track for lucid dreaming! This is a 2 part audio program that will give the necessary tools & information to personally discover the amazing experience that is lucid dreaming. Learning this...

  • Super Consciousness - G. Lordi

    Super Consciousness - G. Lordi


    This is Giovanni's most popular recording, mostly because the possibilities that come from using this are limitless... This hypnosis session is Giovanni's personal favorite of all the recordings he has made. He came up with the idea after watching the movie 'Limitless', &...

  • Relax & Sleep – Glenn Harrold

    Relax & Sleep – Glenn Harrold




    'Relax and Sleep Well’ (full version) by Glenn Harrold includes four powerful hypnosis audio recordings, a video tip and a e-Book to help you alleviate stress and anxiety and sleep well at night. Relax and Sleep Well Detox Your Life 12-Minute Sleep Booster Plus a De-Stress Video tip by...

  • Bikini Dest. Las Vegas

    Bikini Dest. Las Vegas


    Join the models as they explore Sin City in between modeling and nights out. Experience extreme water sports and poses on the Colorado River and the shores of Lake Meade. View beautiful bodies against rugged backdrops of rustic canyons. And, watch as women compete to become the next Hawaiian...

  • Becoming Barack Obama

    Becoming Barack Obama


    Becoming Barack: Evolution of a Leader, a one-hour documentary, offers a new perspective on what shaped Obama’s life. In what appeared to be a short passage of time, Barack Obama captivated the imaginations of the American public as well as the world stage with his inspired promises of change,...

  • BikiniDest. Venus Model Search

    BikiniDest. Venus Model Search


    Discover the hard work and attention to detail that goes into getting modeling contracts and becoming a Venus swimwear model. Follow hopefuls as they are scrutinized by photographers who have the ability to make or break their career. Learn the makeup tips and tricks that go into creating a fresh...

  • Bikini Dest. Season One

    Bikini Dest. Season One


    This Best Of video combines the hottest models and most captivating moments of Bikini Destinations. At Lake Powell, models pose against a backdrop of red rock formations and sparkling water. In Las Vegas, they experience the diversity the city has to offer when it comes to locations. In the...

  • Bikini Dest Springbreak Cancun

    Bikini Dest Springbreak Cancun


    Follow the girls on the Shotover Jet as they fly over the Mexican waves and play at Wet ‘n Wild Cancun. Included is one model’s foray into exploring Cancun wearing nothing but a coat of body paint. Then, travel backstage for the popular Miss Hawaiian Tropic Model Search, where a bevy of beauties...

  • Bikini Dest. Molokai

    Bikini Dest. Molokai


    Experience the rugged beauty of this remote Hawaiian locale. The journey begins at an elegant lodge, where the girls enjoy luxurious surroundings. Later, they take a sightseeing helicopter tour of Molokai’s natural and historical wonders. To unwind, the girls take a relaxing boat ride and go...

  • Bikini Dest. Uruguay

    Bikini Dest. Uruguay


    Hostess Lisa Gleave introduces us to beautiful models and locations in this region where the rich and famous come to play and get away from prying eyes and large crowds. A jeep ride takes the girls through the local countryside, where they enjoy the rush of the wind in their hair and...

  • Bikini Dest. South Beach Miami

    Bikini Dest. South Beach Miami


    The pastel, Art Deco style and white sand beaches provide the perfect backdrop for our models. Follow the girls as they explore local stores for the perfect sizzling outfits to wear for a night on the town. Watch the girls dish about their hopes and dreams to the camera. The women hit some hot...

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