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  • Bikini Dest. Maui

    Bikini Dest. Maui


    View a bevy of lovely ladies as they experience the unique island of Maui. They frolic in the crashing waves and rolling sands of the island’s beaches while working hard to project a sexy and carefree attitude during their photo shoots. Learn these women’s bios, including their passions and...

  • Bikini Dest. Puerto Vallarta

    Bikini Dest. Puerto Vallarta


    Follow the models from their luxurious accommodations to their sultry photo shoots. They take an awe inspiring canopy tour, whizzing over the treetops on a thin wire. The girls relax in deserted San Sebastian, then go on a sailing expedition. The adventure continues as they swim and play with...

  • Bikini Dest. Ukraine

    Bikini Dest. Ukraine


    Meet some of Eastern Europe’s most beautiful models in this sizzling episode. Hostess Jenn Brown takes the ladies on a harrowing tram tour up a rugged mountain. The crew explores and shoots at a historic, Neo-Gothic castle, where the models dish about their dreams and passions. At a luxurious...

  • Bikini Dest. Puerto Rico

    Bikini Dest. Puerto Rico


    Host Lisa Gleave introduces some of the most beautiful locations and seductive women in the world. Join our beautiful models as they take a private plane ride and get an aerial view of lush landscapes and azure waters. The women unwind and have fun while shopping for outfits for their shoots,...

  • Bikini Dest. Spain

    Bikini Dest. Spain


    Follow some of the world’s best photographers as they search for the best beauty, backdrop, and light combinations in Spain. Listen to their stories and tips and tricks for getting the best shot. Ride along with some of our models as they bike through a quaint town and along the coast. Ice cream...

  • Bikini Dest. Playa Carmen

    Bikini Dest. Playa Carmen


    Hostess Lisa Gleave guides a group of the world’s most beautiful models through the scenic backdrop of the Mexican Riviera. From pristine beaches to eerie, water filled caves, the women pose in a diverse set of natural locations. For a bit of fun, the girls swim with whale sharks, an animal that...

  • Bikini Dest. Season Two

    Bikini Dest. Season Two


    Our journey begins at the Mexican Riviera, where our models mingle with the best Mexico has to offer. The models frolic in the sand and sun against a backdrop of natural splendor. Next is Bora Bora, an exclusive location where the views are spectacular. The beautiful waterfalls provide the...

  • Bikini Dest. Rio de Janeiro

    Bikini Dest. Rio de Janeiro


    In this episode, our models explore Rio, a city known for its neverending nightlife and Carnevale. The culture of Rio is matched only by its natural splendor. Hostess Jenn Brown explores locations related to the city’s history and culture and gets to know the locals. The girls hang glide over...

  • Bikini Dest. Mexican Riviera

    Bikini Dest. Mexican Riviera


    Experience a wild breakfast, Cancun style, with hostess Jennifer Brown. Watch the models pose against stunning watery backdrops. Learn the models’ hopes and dreams through on camera interviews. Join the girls as they opt for a relaxing sunset cruise with majestic views. Later, they head to a...

  • Bikini Dest. Tahiti & Moorea

    Bikini Dest. Tahiti & Moorea


    On a safari, the models see more than 400 waterfalls and the breathtaking scenery of this tropical paradise. The girls go snorkeling and scuba diving, and explore a sunken airplane filled with hundreds of fish. They witness the Billabong Pro Surfing Competition and get some tips from the pros...

  • Bikini Dest. Costa Rica

    Bikini Dest. Costa Rica


    Join hostess Bobbi Sue Luther as she introduces you to some of the hottest models and sensational locations in the world. Learn about the beautiful women as they describe their dreams and passions during interviews. Experience the thrill of watching them explore the lush landscapes through...

  • Bikini Dest. Buzios Brazil

    Bikini Dest. Buzios Brazil


    Join our models as they explore this resort town. The journey begins with a helicopter ride that reveals breathtaking views of the Brazilian coast. Hostess Jenn Brown leads the charge as the models pose, talk about their hopes and dreams to the camera, and venture onto the sandy beaches by foot...

  • Bikini Dest. Caicos Turks

    Bikini Dest. Caicos Turks




    Join hostess Lisa Gleave as she introduces you to some of the most beautiful locations and hottest models in the world. They travel to this island chain in the Caribbean for sand, sun, fun, and some hard work posing for the camera in what used to be a pirate paradise but is now a playground for...

  • Bikini Dest. Alaska

    Bikini Dest. Alaska


    Experience the contrasts and unexpected natural wonders of Alaska, as experienced by some of the world’s hottest bikini models. The journey begins with a helicopter ride into the rugged, northern wilderness. The ladies describe their Alaskan experience and the difference between this northern...

  • Bikini Dest. Buenos Aires

    Bikini Dest. Buenos Aires


    In this “Paris of South America,” hostess Lisa Gleave introduces us to some of the most beautiful locations and models in the world. The women discover the European sensibilities and Latin American passion of the gateway to Argentina. At the Estancia el Rocio, the girls find an elegant country...

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