• Check Screen Size




    Provide information of the device screen - Screen size - Inch (based on dpi, may not accur) - Density - Resolution - Dpi bucket And device related information Please help to improve the online database by submit your device summary, thanks! Collected information can be found in:...

  • HKD Exchange




    - Provide 15 exchange rate to HKD - Partly updated available - Real time online exchange rate for reference - Data from Google Finance - Exchange rate: AUD, GBP, CAD, CNY, EUR, INR, JPY, KRW, NZD, PHP, SGD, CHF, TWD, THB and USD *For reference only tags: AUD, GBP, CAD, CNY, EUR, INR, JPY, KRW,...

  • Nendoroid




    Nendoroid Provide the list of GOOD SMILE COMPANY「Nendoroid」(ねんどろいど) series Features: -News -New Face -List -List of related games -Wiki link Internet connection required, some contents can be viwed in offline mode. tags: Nendoroid, Action Figures, Figures, Products, Pretty, GOOD SMILE, 黏土人,...

  • 我的藏書




    個人藏書紀錄,主要為漫畫及輕小說收藏而設。 - 提供購書清單方便購物 - 顯示每套書的最新集數方便查閱 - 可使用條碼掃描以快速確定已購買與否 - 提供批量新增及刪除功能方便處理紀錄 - 附設資料庫備份及復原 - 詳細說明請到 *此程式使用條碼掃描器作為掃描條碼工具,到Market搜尋「Zxing」或「Barcode Scanner」即可下載安裝 標籤: COMIC, LIGHT NOVEL, 漫畫, 輕小說, 出版, 雲起, 台灣角川, 東立, 尖端, 文化傳信, 長鴻, 玉皇朝, 天聞角川,...

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