• Zombie Rising Up - Smasher




    Stop zombie attack and kill them all! Now explosive edition with zombie world! Get hooked in this Zombie Rising Up - Smasher game and enjoy great smasher! Defend your home from zombies. Use your fingers to tap on zombie and direct weapon on it for shooting. Smash them all! Eliminate them before...

  • Clumsy Kids




    Clumsy kids needs your help in their journey full of discovery and excitement. Quickly jump over through obstacles, as fast and as far as you can. Try to collect three golden stars in 22 challenging levels! Play addicting and entertaining Clumsy Kids for FREE! FEATURES in Clumsy Kids game: - 22...

  • Hive Defense - Bug Smasher




    Collect as much honey as you can, defend your Hive tower against angry insects attack! As a bees commander, you need to hold the last line of defense. Help bees save their hive against angry insects attack! Tap on flowers with blossom to collect honey. More taps - more honey. But be careful,...

  • Best Matcher - Treasure Island




    Sort and match the collectable sea elements, switch them to make them crush and get stars through more than 24 levels in this addictive and fantastic adventure. Switch and match more delicious elements and drop them into aquarium to get three stars! But be careful on your way... Play addicting...

  • 5.0

    Squeeze Me Toothpaste Smasher




    Kill the time by squeezing the toothpaste

  • 5.0

    Christmas Toys Holiday Puzzle




    Collect the toys and Christmas items in order to solve the puzzle

  • PowerBall - Fitness and Health




    PowerBall - Sport with Fun - perfect exercise for your fingers, wrist and arm! Now gyroscopic exercise tool is on your mobile device! PowerBall - Sport with Fun is the perfect exerciser for your fingers, wrist and arm to improve your grip and coordination and thus your performance in your...

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