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Zombie Rising Up - Smasher

Stop zombie attack and kill them all! Now explosive edition with zombie world! Get hooked in this Zombie Rising Up - Smasher game and enjoy great smasher! Defend your home from zombies. Use your fingers to tap on zombie and direct weapon on it for shooting. Smash them all! Eliminate them before they break down your door. Play addicting and enterta…

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Download Squeeze Me Toothpaste Smasher Squeeze Me Toothpaste Smasher icon
Squeeze Me Toothpaste Smasher

Compete with your friends in squeezing toothpaste out from the tube!! All you need to do is to SCREW, SQUEEZE, ROLL, and set your own record! You think this is simple and boring? Try it and you will see that to cross the threshold is not difficult, but mastery is another question. So, just conquer yourself and be a TOOTHPASTE MASTER in Squeeze Me…

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Download Hive Defense - Bug Smasher Hive Defense - Bug Smasher icon
Hive Defense - Bug Smasher

Collect as much honey as you can, defend your Hive tower against angry insects attack! As a bees commander, you need to hold the last line of defense. Help bees save their hive against angry insects attack! Tap on flowers with blossom to collect honey. More taps - more honey. But be careful, because angry insects will attack your hive tower. You w…

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Download Christmas Toys Holiday Puzzle Christmas Toys Holiday Puzzle icon
Christmas Toys Holiday Puzzle

Tap the boxes to catch candies, lollipops and gingerbreads. Collect Christmas Toys from puzzles. Use TNT to break metal boxes. Try to catch mystery energy ball. Candies will help you to unlock new levels in this addictively fun game. FEATURES: ★ 20+ challenging levels puzzles ★ 10+ animated game characters ★ Bonus levels for most avid players ★ N…

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Download PowerBall - Fitness and Health PowerBall - Fitness and Health icon
PowerBall - Fitness and Health

PowerBall - Sport with Fun - perfect exercise for your fingers, wrist and arm! Now gyroscopic exercise tool is on your mobile device! PowerBall - Sport with Fun is the perfect exerciser for your fingers, wrist and arm to improve your grip and coordination and thus your performance in your favorite sport. Training on your mobile device for many typ…

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Download Quadro Puzzle Quadro Puzzle icon
Quadro Puzzle

It’s all about rotation… Quadro Puzzle is a challenging puzzle game with a simple gameplay. When you go from one task to the next, all day long, your mind constantly races to catch up. Quadro Puzzle is is perfect pause to reboot your brain and refresh your mind. You can play this game in bus, metro, train, at school or in the office. It can be pla…

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Best Puzzle For Kids

We Know How to Keep Your Kid Busy. This is free to play puzzle game helps your children and toddlers develop fine motor and matching skills while playing dozens nice and different Puzzles, like - fish, cubes, locomotive, pyramid, ball, plane, bus, ship, rocket, truck, duck, astronaut, helicopter, piano, cellphone, horse, submarine, octopus, robot,…

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