Incorporate Apps

  • Emergency Panic Button Alert




    The Emergency Panic Button is an app that must be pre-installed on all Android devices! Improve your own safety by installing our emergency alert button and let everybody know you are in trouble by letting the app send a short alert notification to your friends or family via email or SMS/text...

  • Fake GPS Location Spoofer Free




    Fake Gps location so you can fake your location. The app will overwrite your current location elegantly and the third party apps will think you are in Paris under the Eifel Tower or in New York on Times Square! Prank your friends on any social network to think you are somewhere else. Geotag that...

  • Fake GPS Location Spoofer




    Fake Gps location so you can post on any app that uses your phone's locations. The app will overwrite your current location elegantly and the third party apps will think you are in Paris under the Eifel Tower or in New York on Times Square! You must share your location with your friends, but...

  • NFC Hue free




    Changing the state of your light bulbs could be cumbersome (unlock the phone, open app, find light settings - turn on/off) What if you can use the NFC chip available on your device to predefine specific NFC tags and use your phone as an on/off switch with the added option to automatically change...

  • Talking Caller ID Free




    This is the free ad supported version of Talking Caller ID Pro. Please test the app and if you like it support us by downloading the PRO version which will give you a lot of extra features (like talking caller id for sms) There are no ads and no internet or unnecessary permissions in the app....

  • Talking Caller ID Talking SMS




    Talking Caller ID (Talking SMS ) is an app that will speak out the person name or phone number when an incoming call is received on your device. Features: ✔ Speak the caller ID (contact name or phone number) for incoming calls ✔ Read caller ID for incoming text messages ✔ Read out the text...

  • Drive Safe Free-Read Caller ID




    With "Drive Safe" you can automatically: ✔ Send calls to voicemail and reply with a predefined SMS to their calls. ✔ Reply to all incoming text messages and let people know that you are driving and will respond shortly. ✔ Save those SMS for further reference. ✔ Select white list...

  • Call Guard-SMS & Call Blocker




    With Call Guard (Call blocker) you can block calls and block SMS or MMS ( outgoing text messages can not be blocked on Android!), or block outgoing calls for a small one time fee-no subscriptions, no monthly fees and no ROOT required! Don't pay a monthly fee to have your wireless provider...

  • Walk and Text ( Type n Walk )




    "Walk and Text" is on Sale, grab it while it lasts! As seen on the Queen Latifah show: Walk and text freely with a transparent screen- see what is going on in front of you with the help of your back camera. Write text messages or notes and...

  • Open WiFi Scanner




    Have you ever been walking and searching to find a free WiFi network? Always looking at your phone to see what networks are available? The Android built in notification system for WiFi Hotspots giving you no vibration, sound or LED indication and always notifying you even if the open WiFi network...

  • Hide Caller ID




    Hide Caller ID will hide your number based on preferences added under settings. No more fiddling with the general Android settings, hiding or unhiding your number after each call and going through all the pages to find the option to suppress it again. "Hide Caller ID" will...

  • Battery Percentage Icon




    Ever wondered how much percentage has your battery lost since your last charge and what the usage is with one touch? Or how good the battery life is and what type of battery you have installed on your device? Don't want to unlock the phone just to do so? Want your phone to alarm you when the...

  • Find my Phone - Lost Droid




    Track your stolen or lost droid device! No monthly fees, no hidden fees, promo price at 0.99$ Pay a nominal one time fee and receive unlimited updates and support where most other providers will want you to subscribe and pay monthly to use their services. Best anti theft solution on the market...

  • The Whip sound app! Free




    Make The Whip sound with the shake of your device. As seen on a very popular television show about a few nerds and their pretty female neighbour (check out the youtube video from the show in the description). The best and most realistic app on the market! New and more realistic whip sound...

  • Total Call Lite (Shake2Call)




    Total Call Lite is the free version of "Total Call Control" Pro: The app could be used by visually impaired people and anyone else. Total Call Control is the only app (known to us) on the market to fully support answer mode on all devices. Waiting for an...

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