• Wake on Lan - with Widget




    Start your computer with just one click from app or widget! To add your devices, just run the integrated networkscanner. It will save all computers with Hostname, IP-Adresse and MAC-Address. Features in v1.4.8: ✓ Networkscanner to add new devices automatically ✓ Tasker / Locale-Plugin to...

  • Cool Dialplate - Free




    This dialplate allows you to dial in an old-fashioned way! With this retor rotary dialer you can call your friends like you did in the 80s... Features: ✓ Soundeffects of a real rotary phone ✓ Vibration-effects matching the dial-process You don't want to remember every single telephone...

  • Cool Dialplate - Rotary Phone




    Get a vintage dialplate on your phone! This rotary dialer allows you to dial your friends in an old fashioned way. As an extra, Cool Dialplate has a built-in telephone book which shows matching contacts on the fly. Features: ✓ Dialplate with cool design ✓ Very slick animation of the dialplate ✓...

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