Inderpreet Singh

  • DholCutz Bhangra Radio




    DholCutz Bhangra Radio broadcasts the Best and the Hottest Punjabi Bhangra Music Albums songs 24/7. From Mainstream to Underground, from the latest to the goldest oldest, Listen now. This radio is for the hardcore Punjabis. Developed by Inderpreet Singh

  • Ghaint Punjabi Music




    Ghaint Punjabi Music showcases popular genres of Punjabi Music, like Comedy Albums, Movie Albums, Remix Albums, Sad Song Albums, Singer Albums in Alphabetical Order, And Various Compilations. This is only a taste of what is more to come.

  • Punjabi Janta Videos




    Punjabi Janta Videos is a collection of hand picked videos by the team. It's the hottest and latest videos: Bhangra Desi Bollywood English Video Funny Vids Hindi (Indian) Movies (Films) Singers (Geyki) Pind Diya Yaadain (Pendu Pange) Punjabi Culture Punjabi Janta Punjabi...

  • Sikh Sangeet




    The Sikh Sangeet app delivers Shabad Gurbani Kirtan, Dharmik, Katha Veechar, Gurbani Uchaaran and Dhadi Vaaran to the Android OS. Browse from a huge music collection of Punjabi Sikh Music in 6 Genres. Shabad Kirtan is music sung from the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji (Gurmukhi) or the Dasam Granth....

  • Haitian Music Videos




    Haitian Music Videos showcases the top Haiti artists and bands, delivering their high quality music videos. HMV app brings latest and hottest music videos from a wide variety of music in the following genres: K-naval, Kompa, Levanjil, Live, New Singles, Ragga, Rap Kreyol, Rasin, Tropikal, Zouk,...

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