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  • Michael - King of Entertainers




    Michael Jackson - king of pop rock and soul this our tribute to entertainer of the century. Michael served as singer , song writer,producer,composer,dancer,choreographer,actor,businessman,philanthropist. Features: Biography awards concerts social network connect share ur love on MJ celebrities...

  • MixFix Puzzle




    Here is a game to test your memory skill. A new jigsaw puzzle game for Android with lot of fun and excitement.

  • HangMan




    Hangman for fun, you just fill missing letters keep guessing what hidden word is. Have fun with friers and family. Good time eater, Addictive and lots of fun in wait for you.

  • SportsWorld




    Hi sports fans across the globe, this app is specially designed for you to connect yourself to your favorite sporting event. All news, updates, articles, rumors and happenings are obtained from best feed in www. This app covers major sports like, baseball, basketball, cricket, golf, soccer,...

  • SoccerLegends




    This App takes you to journey to a football planet,where you can witness: 1) Origin and evolution of this legendary game. 2) Journey to LEGACY OF TOP 126 GREAT LEGENDS, of about 40 national teams, who served this legendary game, in the due course added value to this game. 3) Spotlights the MEGA...

  • MixFix


    New jigsaw puzzle game for android mobiles.

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